Win KFC NFT with a Free Year’s Supply of Chicken


Win KFC NFT with a Free Year’s Supply of Chicken

You can acquire the NFT via a contest on social networks

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KFC India featured KFC BuckETH, the restaurant’s own non-fungible token (NFT) collection on Instagram. One can acquire the NFT through a contest on social networks. The winner will receive a one-year supply of KFC for free, according to the company.

The NFT was announced during an Instagram Live hosted by Danish comedian, writer and actor Sait and influencer Sharan Hegde.

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Those interested can enter the competition by visiting the official KFC India Instagram account @kfcindia_official and screenshot the “Ultimate Chicken Lovers Checklist” which will be available in the stories. Then they have to complete the checklist and post it on their Instagram story while tagging KFC. They will also have to mention their five friends in the comments. The restaurant chain will select a winner who will become the owner of the KFC BuckETH NFT and the free KFC supply of the year.

“The Bucket is as iconic to KFC as the signature taste of our chicken. The Bucket is a testament to the brand’s heritage and has been an integral part of many celebratory moments for our customers. The KFC BuckETH offers KFC fans an opportunity to connect with the brand in the most unique way,” a KFC spokesperson said.

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