West Seattle Blog… | WEST SEATTLE BIRDS: 10 views, land and sea

Thanks to local photographers sharing their work, today we are able to bring you another gallery of West Seattle birds! First, the seabirds – above, a Horned Grebe photographed by Matt Olson at Duwamish Head, where he also saw this red-necked grebe:

From Jim Clark, merganser at Seola Pond:

James Tilleyfrom afar, photographed a great blue heron hunt for food along Alki:

He also sent this photo of a great woodpecker at Lincoln Park:

Elsewhere in Lincoln Park, Anthony Beas took this photo – can you identify the bird?

Hummingbirds are popular subjects – Sarah Miller saw that Red:

And of Jerry Simmonsa Anna’s:

Barred owls have also been getting a lot of attention lately. Marc Fendel photographed this one:

And we can’t resist posting another photo of the owl photogenically hanging out in a flagship cherry tree all day – this one comes from Alex Anderson:

Another big “thank you” to everyone who shares photos, from birds to breaking news and beyond – [email protected] is the best way to send them if it’s not urgent, or by SMS 206-293-6302 If it’s!

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