West Seattle Blog… | SATURDAY: Community waste collection – everywhere!

West Seattle resident Christie came up with the idea for a community-wide cleanup beyond the usual site-specific group gatherings. She circulated the idea on social media, but wanted to make sure WSB readers knew too:

Let’s clean up YOUR neighborhood! Do what you can, with what you have, where you are~

What: Garbage collection in the neighborhood
When: Saturday, February 26, 9-11 [or a time of your choosing]

This is a community litter pick-up event. All who wish to participate are encouraged to spend two hours on Saturday February 26 picking up litter in your neighborhood, a block, a block or wherever you feel the need.

You don’t have time, but you want to participate? Simply clean in front of your house and against the sidewalk. Maybe extend it to the older neighbor next door. Your neighborhood is already clean, but you want to participate? Select your favorite restaurant or shopping area, go to their parking lot and pick up the trash there. I’m sure business owners and employees would be thrilled! Your street is good (not two hours of picking), but your way to work still breaks your heart? Choose there! Everyone wants to live in a clean community.

I strongly suggest that you only go to sidewalk areas. It’s pretty dangerous otherwise. Meeting a friend for coffee then? Awesome! Enjoy your coffee, then walk around and pick up trash in this area. Do the children have events at this time? Pick up the ballpark – I bet others would join you as you set an example of responsibility; especially the younger siblings of those who play. Dog needs a walk? They will enjoy a walk and a sniff here and there while you pick up the litter.

WARNING: You will feel great and you will feel so happy the next time you pass through this area! You might even want to pick up litter again!

If you decide to do this, consider sending us a photo so we can celebrate your efforts – thank you!

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