West Seattle Blog… | NIGHTLIFE: ‘Adult spelling bee’ arrives at North Delridge’s Skylark

If you follow the WSB West Seattle Events Calendar and/or the daily preview lists we compile from this one, you know that West Seattle nightlife offers plenty of opportunities to play games in West Seattle – quizzes, bingo, Scrabble, and more. Now get ready for another kind of contest – an adult spelling bee! It’s on the way to The Lark in North Delridge next month – here is the announcement:

Skylark, West Seattle’s most intimate live entertainment and dining venue, is pleased to announce the launch of Spelldown After Dark (TM)an adults-only spelling bee taking place every Friday night in September that will pay out cash prizes to the winners of the night and the final Spelldown 2022 champion.

Says Skylark owner and co-founder of Spelldown Matt Larsson“Spelldown was developed over several months, tested with live players who wanted more, and is now ready to deliver game show-style competition in greater Seattle. We expect players to feel the competitive rush through their veins, but Friday night seating is limited and we encourage players of all skill levels to register early.Spelling has never been so much fun…both to play and to watch, so bring your friends!

Player registration is now open! The games will start on Friday, September 2 at 8:00 p.m. and will repeat each Friday in September starting at the same time. Players, who we call Spelldowners, will be limited to 12 by Friday night. For the first four Friday nights, all players will be new, so in total for all of Seattle, we’re limited to 48 players for Spelldown 2022. There’s a one-time registration fee of just $15, one winner per night, and the top four winners plus 2 runners-up will compete in the thrilling championship finale on Friday, September 30.

Registration for members of the public is also now open! To maximize the enjoyment of being in the live audience, audience members will be limited to 65 per Friday night. There is a nominal $10 entry fee per audience member and there will be opportunities for audience participation! Given the limited availability, Spelldowners, invite your friends and subscribers to support you in this game show experience before space runs out on the evening you have selected.

For Spelldowners, more information and register here:

For members of the public, register here:

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