Vegetables are getting more expensive due to shortage of supply

After the LPG cylinder, the rise in the price of tomatoes and green vegetables jeopardizes the kitchen budget of ordinary mortals. In the national capital, tomatoes are sold for Rs 60-80; while in many cities, its prices reached Rs 100 amid supply shortages.

Besides tomatoes, green vegetables also cost more compared to last week. According to the sellers, these prices will increase further in the coming days as they claim that “vegetables often become expensive during the rainy season”.

According to traders in Azadpur and Ghazipur Mandi, Asia’s largest vegetable and fruit market, the arrival of tomatoes (into the market) has dropped to about a third, causing its prices to rise sharply. The tomato sells for between 65 and 80 rupees per kg on the retail market.

The lemon is sold in Delhi for Rs 200 to Rs 250 per kg. Similarly, brinjal is at Rs 60 to 80 per kg, calabash (laoki) Rs 50, cauliflower Rs 100 to Rs 120, onion and potato Rs 40, pepper Rs 100 to Rs 130 , carrot Rs 80 and spinach are sold at Rs 60 per kilogram.

Other vegetables are also becoming expensive due to lack of supply, a trader said, adding that farmers had not planted new crops for fear of losses, which would further increase vegetable prices in the coming days.

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