Top 5 Most Popular Mexican Restaurants in San Jose, CA | restaurant review

This list is based on feedback from previous customers.


San Jose is in the northern part of the Bay Area and in the center of Silicon Valley. This multi-ethnic city has developed a great food scene with almost every type of cuisine you could think of. Of course, that means there are also amazing Mexican restaurants that locals and tourists alike love to visit. Whether you’re looking for healthier fare, fine dining, or a hole in the wall, you’ll find it here in San Jose.

5. Mexican food LUNA

Local, unrefined, natural and authentic, that’s what sets LUNA apart. Every ingredient has a purpose in these traditional Mexican dishes. Whether you’re looking for healthy foods or not, you’ll love this farm-to-table Mexican cuisine.

4. Pink area

Handmade tortillas, creative combinations, and fresh ingredients are why Zona Rosa has won top taco awards. Of course, you’ll also want to pair your meal with one of their specialty margaritas, like hibiscus and cilantro-jalapeno.

3. Dia de Pesca

Once a taco stand, Dia de Pesca is now a quirky and charming Mexican restaurant with a large patio. Seafood is the specialty here with fish tacos, oysters, octopus cocktails and ceviches. Local produce, fresh seafood and free-range beef ensure a quality meal every time.

2. Burritozilla Iguanas

Family owned and operated, Iguanas Burritozilla offers great food and a fun atmosphere. You can’t miss the brightly painted building and the burritos come in sizes ranging from Burritozilla to Mini Burrito. I hope you are hungry!

1. La Victoria Taqueria

Affectionately known as LaVics, this taqueria started out as a hole in the wall and has grown into a popular Bay Area spot with multiple locations. This is a great place to go for a delicious, affordable, no-frills meal. Be sure to try the famous orange sauce.

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