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She’s been traveling the world for over 50 years and logged over 744,000 miles – and here are her top 12 travel tips.
Judith Chalmers, travel icon and host of Wish You Were Here, has rounded up practical tips for a stress-free trip, including appointing a group leader, packing light and learning some lingo.
His advice is to book early, always have a supply of printed tickets and take a comfortable scarf.
She also landed a new and unusual role as ‘Chief Smile Officer’ at Heathrow Express – appointed to keep train travelers happy and get them started with a smile.

Desire for adventure
It comes after research found that the average adult gets into a grumpy mood five times a week, and it takes 20 minutes to get out of it.
But half of the 2,000 adults surveyed are happy when they wake up on vacation and 23% are craving adventure.
Almost a third (31%) said booking a holiday always puts them in a good mood, and 25% love the last day at work before a trip.
32% more appreciate nothing more than feeling the sun on their face when they finally get off the plane and go on vacation.

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Judith Chalmers said: “There are so many stories about travel delays and delays, but let’s face it, we all still want to leave.
“There are some things you can do to give yourself the best chance of a smooth and stress-free journey, which is why I’ve partnered with Heathrow Express to help everyone travel with a smile.
“Follow these tips and you’ll give yourself the best chance of having a great trip, from start to finish.”
Mark Eastwood, Head of Commercial Strategy at Heathrow Express, said: “We are delighted to welcome Judith Chalmers OBE to the Heathrow Express team.
“Judith has been on board before to share her advice and smiles, and we hope they will spread to all passengers who board.”
Judith Chalmers’ top 12 tips for a happy trip

Book early – stay calm and carefree by booking your train, transfers and trips early, so there’s no rush or panic on travel day. You’ll have more choices, a better price and even be able to benefit from certain advantages.
Print it out – most tickets are now digital, but this often leads to worrying about the phone battery draining or you can’t find where you saved the documents. Some of us don’t have smart phones either, so bring a paper. Print your tickets and release the stress, and also take a photo of your passport…. In case!
Group leader – when traveling with friends and family, one person often becomes the designated group leader and keeps the tickets and boarding passes. It is wise to double up and keep copies of everyone’s vital signs. Host a group chat and share everyone’s boarding passes, passports, accommodation details, booking references and itinerary, so there’s no hassle or hassle.
Be comfortable – you’re going to be sitting and walking for as long as it takes to get to your destination, so you don’t want to do it in tight jeans. Loose, comfortable clothes will help you keep that pretty smile!
Cover up – and by that I don’t mean wearing a big coat! I mean, bring a pashmina wrap or a comfy scarf with you for the trip, as it will keep drafts from getting to you and can be used as a pillow. Also, or of course, as a fashion accessory.
Be safe – while most countries no longer have Covid procedures in place, you might want to keep hand sanitizer and a mask handy, just to be on the safe side.
Stay connected – keep your charger in your hand luggage. Cell phones weren’t even a thing when I started traveling, but they’re definitely essential now, along with the built-in camera and maps. And if your battery is running low, you don’t want to dig too deep to find the charger.
Pack light, use wheels – we’ve all seen the images of cases waiting or of their owners at airports, and we’ve all heard the stories of missing cases. If possible, travel only with hand luggage and keep it with you. You will also cross the airport at the other end.
A little jargon goes a long way – before you get to your destination, you should at least learn how to say hello, goodbye and thank you in the local language. Not only will you feel good chatting with the locals or ordering at the bar, but you’ll also be spreading a smile. And there is nothing nicer than that.
Keep little minds busy – if you’re traveling with kids, the best way to keep them quiet is to keep them busy. A book or tablet to read or play games, an activity pack, even their favorite snacks in small jars. Anything that makes them happy will make your trip more fun.
Tourist or no tourist – Yes, we are all tourists. But that doesn’t mean we have to stick to tourist restaurants. Take a side street off the main street and sample the food where the locals eat. You will generally eat better, cheaper and more authentically.
Travel more – the best way to travel with a smile is to TRAVEL MORE. There is a vast and wonderful world, and each destination is another reason to smile.

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