The restaurant manager wins a new car

COLUMBIA, TN — Candi Barber started at Hohenwald McDonald’s as a cook 22 years ago. Now the store’s general manager for 13 years, she won a new car from a McDonald’s restaurant association.

“Wow!” Barber said when Greater Tennessee Valley Operators Association Business Unit Director Tina Wolfe announced Barber’s victory. Barber gave each of his employees “sweet treats” and $10 each week of the eight-week program.

Barber won a Hyundai Accent worth $21,250 with three years of free maintenance. Sales tax, title, tag and three months insurance were paid by GTVOA.

The restaurants competed to see which store had: the shortest wait time for customers between ordering and receiving their food; and the greatest reduction in customer waiting time.

Barber’s name was listed weekly. In Hohenwald, the average customer waiting time was calculated between 35 and 75 seconds at different peak times. A Chattanooga entry won the biggest reduction in customer wait times.

Wolfe and her husband, Tony, have the McDonald’s franchise here and in Spring Hill. The Wolfes, fellow McDonald’s associates and Columbia Hyundai’s Patrick Robertson and Shawn Gammill applauded Barber for his leadership which earned him a place in the draw.

The August 12 draw was the culmination of a “national McDonald’s workout incentive,” said Gina Wolfe. GTVOA members with McDonald’s “from Bowling Green, Ky. to Lawrenceburg, Tenn.” bought the car as an incentive.

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