The manager of an Indian restaurant during a celebrity visit to Bear Grylls

The staff at the Burj Indian restaurant in Wanborough couldn’t believe it when a famous face walked through their doors.

Famous adventurer and survivalist Bear Grylls visited the popular restaurant last December for a children’s party, but restaurant manager Swapan Roy revealed he didn’t recognize him at first.

“He came in and walked past me and I had no idea who he was,” he said.

“A colleague of mine knew who it was as soon as he saw it, and he walked up to him and asked ‘Hey, how are you. Are you Mr Grylls’ and he said ‘yes.'”

Grylls, known for his show Born Survivor as well as The Island with Bear Grylls, was in a large group as part of a private reception in a separate room from the rest of the diners.

“The adults weren’t eating that much, they were ordering snacks but there were about 15 kids who all had a real meal.

“All the staff were delighted to find he was there, I asked them to stay away from him because everyone was trying to take a selfie but he was a real gentleman who was happy to say hello and shake hands people hand.

“I introduced myself and he said hello to me very kindly, and my boss went over to introduce himself as well and Bear took a picture with him.”

But as word got out that he was there, Swapan said it was getting harder and harder to keep people away from him.

“A lot of customers wanted to go talk to him and take pictures, but we had to ask them not to.

“It was pretty tough work to make sure everyone stayed away from him.”

Swapan thinks Grylls is the most famous person he’s brought through the doors, although they have had visits from Olympians and jockeys.

“He would be welcome at any time,” he added.

Bear Grylls is certainly no stranger to visiting Swindon. He was last seen in town stuck and helping administer Covid vaccines at the Steam Museum Vaccination Center last year.

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