“The box fell due to wear and tear”

Astley Bridge Asda petrol station emergency box left and toppled over

ASDA requires payment of a Restaurant manager after his rear-view mirror cut into the side of an emergency phone booth at a gas station.

Mehmet Kilinc, the manager of Beefalo restaurant, was leaving Astley Bridge Asda petrol station, when his rear-view mirror clipped the red emergency aid box.

The box fell and Asda has since claimed £5,000, but Mehmet maintains the box was not hit with any force, but rather with a blow, and was already wobbly and faulty before it fell.

the Bolt News understands Asda closed the station overnight for eight weeks and is also claiming lost sales as a result.

Mehmet said, “I was on the other side of the gas station at booth one. After refueling, I headed for the kiosk.

“The lane was so narrow, and to avoid hitting the metal bollards, I maneuvered, but the mirror hit the panel of the box and it fell off.

“I immediately got out of the car and informed the lady at the kiosk that the box had fallen. She confirmed and said she would ask the manager on duty to come and see. “

Mehmet stayed to take pictures but claimed no staff took any and had already agreed it was not his fault.

After filling out an incident form, Mehmet informed the staff that he was working across the road and to let them know if there was anything else.

Months later, Asda filed a claim with its insurance.

An Asda spokesperson said: “Whenever accidental damage is caused to Asda property, we will work with all parties and their insurers to register a claim. We are happy to speak with Mr Kilinc and its insurers of any aspect of the claim which they deem to be incorrect.”

But despite Mr Kilinc’s submissions, Asda maintains the amount must be paid because it is only for the damage Mehmet caused to the box.

Mehmet said: “There was absolutely no further damage to the box or the van. But now they are asking for a brand new box.

“£5,000 is unacceptable. You can see how the original box is rusted and there is nothing securing it to the floor to secure it.

“This is fraudulent, and I don’t want my insurance to pay for this, as the box in question was not well kept and I did not cause any damage to the item.

“The box fell off due to wear. I don’t want to be held responsible because Asda is not taking the necessary precautions o

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