The Bamber Bridge pub making cheese and onion tart

Forks on the ground, I asked for the sausage to be well cooked

The first establishment of Preston’s Blog Review series of restaurants offering al fresco dining is the landmark Ye Olde Hob Inn in Bamber Bridge.


You can tell by the spelling that it’s really old because the writers of the time used more Es than a crowd at an E-Zee Possee concert.

There are plenty of picnic benches at the front of the premises and a beer garden at the rear, making this a great spot for a pint in the sun. However, it was a bit parky so my parents Yvonne and Dry Tony and I were ushered to a table inside by a cheerful member of staff.

Decor is largely in line with the 400-year-old building, though the addition of several giant TV screens dotted around the restaurant calls for a visit from a witch hunter.

The menu has hearty options such as Lancashire Pot and Fish Pie, but I chose the sausage and mash with onion sauce for £12.50. It was a generous mound of mashed potatoes and mashed peas with good quality Cumberland sausage rolled up on top and a jug of onion sauce on the side. A classic pairing that the chef did justice to.

Yvonne continued our family’s search for a good cheese and onion tart and at the Ye Olde Hob Inn she finally got one for £10.50. Many are sneakily puffed up with mashed potatoes, which is unforgivable if also served with fries or mashed potatoes, forcing the unwary customer to be double-crossed without consent.

Ye Olde Hob Inn Cheese and Onion Pie
A cheese and onion pie that is finally worth the name

If there was any in that solid slice of pie, it was indistinguishable, the overwhelming taste being that of tart cheese and onion, as it should be. Top marks for this, although a few must be shaved for the fries which, instead of being crispy, were slightly wrinkled, dry and chewy. Maybe because of his old age.

According to individual opinions as to whether the sauce belongs in cheese, there was also an added bonus/insult of a small pitcher of sauce on the plate.

My dad, Dry Tony, surprised everyone, including himself, by ordering the £10.95 Moving Mountains vegan burger with chilli jam.

Ye Olde Hob Inn Vegan Burger
The Moving Mountains burger had no idea what was about to happen to it

It came with fries, a scoop of coleslaw, a side salad and two light and crunchy onion rings. Unfortunately, Dry Tony likes to pull the burger out of his bun and judge him while he’s naked and off balance. He wasn’t impressed, so I swapped my sausage and mash for his vegan burger.

It wasn’t wonderful when I ate a piece on its own, although a plain beef patty isn’t necessarily a taste sensation either. When I rebuilt it from the ruins left by its previous owner, the chili jam, onion rings, lettuce and tomatoes invigorated it and made it nearly indistinguishable from a burger to meat. A slice of cheese for a vegetarian option would also have worked well.

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We ended the meal with fudge brownies for my dad and I, and a slice of carrot cake for Yvonne, all for £5.50. Yvonne enjoyed her cake, generously spiced with cinnamon, and the warm brownies were excellent.

Ye Olde Hob Inn Carrot Cake
Carrot, blackberries, blueberries and a mint leaf. Four out of five a day sorted

The bill was £55.75, including £5.30 for drinks. The online menu needs updating as the total food cost was £9.65 more than shown on the website, which is a significant difference. However, the current prices are still reasonable for the work that goes into the food, the quality of the ingredients and the excellent service.

We weren’t asked how our meals were so didn’t get a chance to mention the fries but if we had I’m sure they would have been replaced as the staff were friendly and professional and the chef clearly cares about quality. food sent.

Ye Olde Hob Inn has a lot to offer as a traditional pub with a beer garden, friendly staff and a menu that sticks mainly to robust Lancashire fare. This is an unassuming local that is an asset to the area and well worth a visit.

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Are you old and wrinkled like Karen and Ye Olde Hob Inn? Start telling us about it in the comments below, then immediately dive into an epic side story about your horrid neighbors becoming overgrown. Leylandii

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