Surat: Delhi restaurant manager Dastarkhan detained for storing raw cow meat

The manager of Delhi Dastarkhan, a non-vegetarian restaurant in the city of Surat, Gujarat, was arrested on Friday for keeping cow meat in the restaurant’s freezer, police said.

Acting on a tip-off, officials from the Lalgate police station watch department reached the Delhi Dastarkhan restaurant in the Hodi bungalow area in Surat on September 11.

Officials checked the freezer in the kitchen and found six plastic bags containing beef.

The police team informed Surat Veterinary Service officials, who arrived at the scene and found six plastic bags each containing 10 kilograms of raw beef, which were later seized.

Sarfaraz Khan, the director of the company, claimed that it was buffalo meat.

The samples were collected by cops and sent to the forensics lab for lab testing.

On Thursday night, police received a report from the Forensic Science Lab stating that of the six samples, two samples from cans number one and five were cow meat while the others were buffalo meat.

Yajendra Dadhubhai, Chief Constable of Lalgate Police Station, acting on the Offense Report recorded in this regard under the IPC Act, Sections 429 (mischief in killing or maiming livestock), 114, and various sections of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

“We have arrested Sarfaraz Khan, who ran the restaurant, and are trying to find out where he got the cow meat from,” said Lalgate Police Inspector NH Brahmbhatt.

“We also have the names of a few people and our teams are on their way to catch them. We will also try to find out whether this raw meat is intended to be served to customers in the dishes or not,” he added.

Sources said city officials also started checking five other Delhi Dastarkhan restaurants in the city on Friday to check for meat.

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