Supply chain issues impact Largo restaurant supply store

LARGO, Fla. — For months, in Largo has struggled to get certain items due to supply chain issues. The company sells products to bars, restaurants and hotels in the Tampa Bay area.

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  • sells and delivers products to bars and restaurants in the Tampa Bay area
  • Company struggled to get some items due to supply chain issues
  • Robert Fradette, sales manager at, says plastic cups have been hard to come by lately
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Robert Fradette, sales manager at, said he’s had trouble getting plastic cups, wrapped straws, and plastic cups lately.

“It’s everywhere, it’s not just me,” he said. “I have a salesperson who emailed me on Monday saying they will be out of plastic cups for 60-75 days.”

Fradette said he sees these issues because of supply chain disruptions. Products are harder to find and, he says, prices are higher. For some products, prices have doubled and tripled, Fradette said.

His son, Alex Fradette, is the company’s chief operating officer and takes care of product orders. Lately he hasn’t been able to order everything customers say they need.

“I play the hand that’s dealt to me and just do what I can to make sure our customers have product to get through the weekend,” said Alex Fradette.’s warehouse in Largo houses products before they are delivered to local restaurants and bars, and some shelves are empty at this time because certain items are unavailable.

“These are just problems that we encounter on a daily basis,” said Robert Fradette. “Being constantly in communication with the customer to let them know, as soon as we know we will get it to you. We have an out of stock report. We will fill it out as soon as possible. everybody.”

He doesn’t expect things to return to normal until 2022.

“With demand as it is, whatever comes in will go away as soon as it lands. And that’s just the reality,” said Robert Fradette.

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