State dessert, Strawberry Shortcake, in short supply around Key Biscayne | Food

Nearly two months after Florida lawmakers passed a law making strawberry shortcake the “official state dessert” over key lime pie, the confection, which originated in England as early as 1588, has been a little hard to find in South Florida.

At Piononos Bakery on Key Biscayne, where “you have a sweet day,” there’s a Strawberry Pavlova, or Pavlova de Fresas, a Peruvian specialty, which features nut meringue, whipped cream and strawberries.

At either The Golden Hog ​​gourmet grocery store on Harbor Drive or Key Colony, strawberry pies are the closest thing to dessert in the state.

But take a quick trip to Coral Gables and you’ll find chef Antonio Bachour creating personal strawberry shortcakes for $10.95 at Bachour Bakery & Restaurant.

And, according to “Kathryn” at the front desk, “it’s really delicious, really popular.”

Bachour also offers a strawberry Mascarpone croissant in his bakery.

In March, during the Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City, Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law SB 1006, which designated strawberry shortcake as the state’s official dessert, helping to boost the strawberry industry by 1 billion dollars in Florida.

The move sparked mild controversy, especially in Key West, where the famous key lime pie originated some 130 years ago.

The Conch Republic Key Lime Pie Council, which includes Vice Mayor Sam Kaufman, hit back at the state legislature, even posting a petition to “Keep key lime pie a Florida dessert.” The petition has garnered over 7,100 signatures. Key West city commissioners also passed a similar measure.

Key lime pie was designated the “official state pie” in 2006 and was considered the de facto official dessert for 16 years. Even Kenny Chesney mentioned it in a country song.

Still, the Key Lime pie remains a big hit, especially in South Florida. The Costa Med Bistro + Wine restaurant on Crandon Boulevard and the Lighthouse Cafe and Boaters Grill inside Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park are just two of the immediate places to get the famous Key Lime Pie.

Incidentally, the three-layer strawberry shortcake wasn’t named for the height of the dessert. And, a real strawberry shortcake isn’t just strawberries, cream and pound cake.

By today’s definition, the shortcake – which is neither bread, cake, nor pastry – is crispy and crumbly and made of butter, perhaps more of a scone-like cookie.

The classic dessert has long been considered one of America’s summer treats.

But if you can’t find it?

Well, at least Key Lime Pie remains Florida’s official “pie” – for now.

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