Slavic restaurant manager says prayers for his Ukrainian family to stay safe


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues to affect many people around the world, including here in Mid-Missouri.

Today ABC 17 spoke to the manager of a Slavic restaurant in Sedalia to get his thoughts on the invasion.

Karina Kukharets, manager of Pure Life Cuisine, says she has several family members from Ukraine, so it touches her home. She also says that her mother has had a lot of problems lately because she has many siblings who live in Ukraine.

“Death isn’t fun for anyone or good for anyone, but when it’s your people like you, you worry a lot more and realize how much more serious it is,” Kukharets said.

And the Ukrainian struggle continues to hold back a Russian advance on the capital of Kiev. Ukraine’s president said Thursday evening that 137 people had been killed and 316 injured.

This toll includes both Ukrainian soldiers and civilians.

“It’s just scary to know that they might not make it, but we’re praying and hoping it ends a little bit and it doesn’t last long. And everyone gets there,” Kukharets said.

For now, the invasion continues to affect Kukharets and her family and she feels the only thing she can do now to help is to pray.

“I think prayer is our biggest weapon right now, just like in the United States I think prayer is our only weapon right now,” Kukharets said.

And during a time like this, Kukharets says she’s happy to have her restaurant, family and friends to distract her from all the chaos that’s going on.

“It helps me because if I keep a regular schedule like my mind will and I don’t worry so much about the war and what’s going on in it,” Kukharets said.

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