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Valentine’s Day is about showing appreciation for those you love and care about. But who said that person had to be a significant other? Whether it’s with a group or just you and your BFF, here are seven ideas for a memorable and fulfilling Valentine’s Day with friends.

1. Love Hurts Series at Coolidge Corner Theater

Is movies one of the favorite pastimes of your group of friends? Why not catch a romantic movie then? As part of their February series titled “Love Hurts“, Brookline’s Coolidge Corner Theater presents its favorite stories of love and heartbreak until February 28. On Valentine’s Day, you and your team can attend a screening of The princess to be married. A delightfully postmodern tale.

2. Harvard Square Chocolate Walking Tour

Do you like chocolate ? Who doesn’t? Invite your friends and meet at Harvard Square in Cambridge for Chocolate adventure off the beaten track Food Tours! There’s no better way to spend Valentine’s Day than learning the history of chocolate, and better yet, eating all the chocolate your heart desires.

Psst…Use code HARVARDSQUARE for a 10% discount.

3. Send a letter to a close friend or relative

We often assume that our friends know how much we love them. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to remind them with a letter. While not exactly an activity to do WITH friends, writing a heartfelt letter is incredibly rewarding. This year, send a note to your friends to let them know how much you appreciate them. Trust us, they’ll take it to heart. 😉

4. Cider and Dumplings? Yes please!

Head to Cambridge’s central square with friends to spend Valentine’s Day filled with delicious dumplings and cider. Take the opportunity to learn how to make dumplings from Mimi’s Chuka Dinner chefs and co-owners while tasting cider from Artifact Cider Project. As a bonus, you’ll receive a bag of goodies to practice at home so you don’t forget all the unique skills you’ve learned. You must be 21 to register.

5. Play board games with friends

What could be more cheesy than playing Valentine’s Day Pictionary with your friends? Each person should write romantic words and phrases such as love birds, soul mate, Cupid’s arrow. Get creative with this! Too corny for you? No worries, grab one of your favorite classics and you’re ready for an evening full of fun.

6. Jazz nights at Sculler’s Jazz Club

If you are a jazz fan, this event is for you. Emmaline Group is a singer and songwriter with a smoky, jazz-infused voice. She will present two romantic sets at Sculler’s Jazz Club February 14 at 8 p.m. for all ages.

Remember that the most precious gift of Valentine’s Day is the time spent with those you love the most. how you spend it will be fun no matter what! Be creative and share the love. Happy Valentine’s Day, Terriers! ❤️

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