“Self-sufficient and easy supply of nutritious food in the urban habitat”

Grow and offer trendy Asian mustard vegetables, unusual herbs, edible flowers or rare salads, regardless of season and location; it’s an innovative company’s dream.

However, if the selection and yield exceed the possibilities of the average balcony or garden, this dream quickly ends for restaurants, bars, hotels and canteens. With Farmie’s plug & play hardware solution for vertical farming, today’s vegetable growers need just one square meter of space and a single power outlet. The result: 50 different plant varieties, of which a total of 720 can be harvested each month. With Farmie, users get a step ahead of the game when it comes to food handling.

A look at the unique Farmie system / Image: Farmie GmbH

Seed drawer
farmie combines agriculture and technology: a cloud-based, energy-efficient and intuitive system that reduces overall operating time to less than an hour per week. In addition, with the integrated seed drawer, unique on the market, the success of the yield is guaranteed with less than 200 kW/h of electricity consumption per month, even without the green thumb. farmie is an automated plug-and-play hydroponics system. This means that Farmie automatically takes care of nutrients, light and ventilation.

Only water has to be added manually to avoid costly and time-consuming connections. However, the farmer himself determines when irrigation is activated. Thanks to cloud-based monitoring, the user can reliably monitor the condition of the plants via cameras, and farmie will notify the user of any disturbing factors. Vertical farmers can individually decide which green plants to sow.

Attractive value-added agricultural land
farmie Technologies was founded in 2021 by Ema Simurda and Leandro Vergani. The two are considered pioneers of the vertical farm-to-table concept in Europe and opened GOOD BANK, the first restaurant of its kind in Berlin, in 2017. The multi-award-winning founding team works in various gastronomic projects and food, actively shaping the trend towards more sustainable and conscious food: “With farmie, we pursue the vision of enabling people, businesses and organizations to source nutritious food in the urban living space in an easy and Whether the focus is on out-of-season vegetables that can no longer be imported or a creative kitchen team wants to grow a herb specialty that is not available from wholesalers and traders,” explains the Simurda founder.

The CEO isn’t just talking about classic fine dining establishments. Even in supermarkets, universities and office buildings, an attractive and usable space with added value can be created on a single square meter. Farmer “growers” ​​include various restaurants, office operators such as Edge Workspaces, and large corporations such as Mercedes Benz. The company is based in Berlin.

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