Sales manager caught by police trying to arrange sex with mothers and daughters – Gloucestershire News Service

“Worsley suggested the woman meet. He made her understand that his partner was unaware of her fantasy and would deny it if she found out.

“They exchanged a series of voice calls and arranged to meet on one of his business trips to Gloucester. During these calls, the woman explained that her daughter was becoming sexually active.

“Worsley asked if, in addition to normal sex, anal sex was an option. They began to formalize the encounter where he was told he had to use a condom.

“Worsley said he had no problem with it. After the second voice call, Worsley said he was dreaming about the encounter and talked about what he would like to do sexually with the woman and her daughter.

“On August 1, Worsley traveled to Gloucester for work and while in town he continued to exchange messages with the woman and arranged to meet. He sent the woman an indecent image of himself.

“The next day they formally agreed to meet on August 3 at the Cross Hands Beefeater restaurant on Tewkesbury Road in Uckington, nr Cheltenham at 10am.

“Police were waiting there and arrested Worsley. Police searched Worsley and two condoms were found in his trouser pocket.

Worsley told police in an interview: ‘I got stitched up here. I met a woman.

“Oh my God, I’m going to lose my job and my family because of this. I had never experienced these sexual sensations before. I have never had sexual activity with a child.

The court was told the investigation had been carried out by the Gloucestershire Police Child Sexual Exploitation Team, who had worked alongside the South West Regional Organized Crime Unit.

David Scutt, defending, said: “The language and tone used throughout by decoy officers is a form of entrapment. However, that does not excuse his behavior.

“Admittedly, Worsley got carried away with the idea of ​​this type of sexual activity and he was encouraged by the undercover officers to have sex with an underage girl.

“He was also encouraged by the offer to have sex with the girls’ mothers at the same time.

“He says in his conversations with the women that he’s never had these thoughts before. He believes the conversations triggered something in him.

Judge Ian Lawrie KC chimed in: “He didn’t end the conversation when the suggestion of having sex with seven and ten year old girls was mentioned!

Mr Scutt described the social media website which was used as a website for people with problems and added: “Worsley made no attempt to disguise himself on the website. There was a degree of naivety to it and it wasn’t as grim as it could have been.

“Worsley didn’t travel the country looking for sex, he was traveling for business. The meeting with the first wife was purely speculative and it came to nothing. Yes, setting up both meetings involved a degree of planning, but meeting at a gas station is not unusual.

“Worsley has expressed sincere remorse and still struggles to understand how and why he did what he did. He led an exemplary life until something inside him woke up. He learned his lesson because he effectively lost everything.

“His reputation is now in tatters. He needs professional help and that would be best served in the community and not in jail.

Judge Lawrie observed: “It was Worsley’s intention to engage in sexual activity with women and their daughters. It seems he never backed down and reviewed the situation.

“Worsley says he likes the idea of ​​a little girl touching his manhood and that he planned to put her inside the seven-year-old.

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