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The restaurant industry has been hammered over the past few years…with COVID limiting restaurant services…ingredient shortages thanks to supply chain disruptions…and now inflation driving up the prices of goods essential.

Monte Carlo Pizza & Wings owner Mohamed Baccouche says his shop smelled like fire.

“Oh sure. I mean, especially the past, I’d say six months, yeah, inflation had a massive effect on our business.

He says the price of ingredients has gone up dramatically, including an essential for pizza dough

“The flour, it went up. I mean, we’re already talking about at least double the price,” Baccouche said. “We used to get the fifty pound bag for about fifteen to sixteen dollars, when we’re talking about $26 to $27 (now).”

Baccouche says other ingredients cost more too, and it costs him a lot more to make pizza these days.

“It used to cost around $3.50 to $4.50. Now we are looking at $5.50 to $6 right now,” he shared. “Add the sauce, add the yeast, add the sugar, salt and everything and it increases the total price of a pizza.”

Mix in the rising prices of other products he needs in his restaurant and the problem snowballs.

“If they stay at this level, at some point we will have to raise our prices and we will work with the competition, so we don’t want to be far ahead, and we don’t want to be putting a distance between us, ”said note Baccouche.

He says the decision will be made soon.

“We are State College, we can’t call it yet until the students come back,” he said. “We’re surviving the summer right now, trying to prepare for mid-August when everyone comes back, and we’re ready to work and earn money.”

Baccouche says his delivery and takeout business has grown and hopes it will expand further as students return.

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