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Gone are the days of walking into restaurants wondering what they have in store for us. Between Google reviews and PDF menus, research is right at your fingertips, and most take the time to make up their mind beforehand.

Well, chef Peter Smit is here to recapture the magic of surprise with the Dirty Supper, a collaborative dining experience between the folks at Dirty Hands, Low Tide and Sago House. The secret menu changes monthly, so you won’t get what we had, but it will be good either way – trust us.

Hidden behind an unlabeled door with an almost eerie green window pane on the second floor of Low Tide, the secret adds suspense before your first plate is served. Inside, Peter perfectly captures the feeling of a chilly night out with your friends, blurring the lines between kitchen and dining in a booming living space with classic rap tracks from his childhood.

Just as the bartender, Jonathan Emmanuel, mixes you a cocktail of your choice, Peter kicks off the evening with an addictive combination of fresh pain au lait and whipped black garlic butter. Dishes from here all come with their own cocktail – both designed to be good, but incomplete without each other.

Peter whips up Dirty Snacks, a plate of small cracker-like pies and bites, tying together a mix of flavors and textures in a nice circle. Combined with an alcoholic concoction of Dragonfruit, Jasmine and Stranger and Sons Gin, the cocktail’s floral notes add to the cacophony of flavors already present in the dish.

Each dish is also presented with beautiful handmade plates from Dirty Hands, with an emphasis on zero waste – a ‘broken’ plate is used to divide the bread and butter into two combined halves.


Next comes dashi-poached swimmer crab with buttermilk, chicken fat and artichoke. The freshness of the crabmeat is complemented by the richness of the buttermilk and chicken fat, with the artichoke adding much-needed texture to the affair. This dish is accompanied by a refreshing Hendrick’s gin with a hint of cucumber and samphire, rounding out the flavors of the food.

Chef Peter then slides the braised beef tongue with kohlrabi, water chestnut and Baby Gem lettuce, letting the deep flavors of the beef tongue take center stage while the accessories keep interesting things in every bite. The seemingly odd combination of Bacardi Carta Blanca, black garlic and white chocolate blew us away from the first sip. Unconventional ingredients dominate this course, and it does so in spectacular fashion.


Entering the sector, Aged Threadfin with Leek and Salsa Verde is served with Reyka Vodka with Lemongrass and Yuzu Ponzu. The fish was a little lackluster despite the added punch of the aging process, although that was quickly remedied with a splash of yuzu ponzu in the cocktail. A classic combination brought together in an unexpected way.

A wonderfully plated duck breast with fermented figs, broccolini and mustard seeds comes next, along with locally sourced duck which is so succulent and flavorful. The slightly gamey aftertaste is cut by the sweetness of the fruit in the dish and the cocktail of Smokey Monkey Shoulder whiskey, mixed berries and rosemary.


After several courses of unfamiliar and unique dishes, we were excited to see how Peter would put his creative spin on the dessert and he did not disappoint. A little more conventional, but they hit the park finale with a 40-layer apple terrine with bee pollen and salted caramel.

Managing the delicate balance of sweetness and tartness of the apple, the strong flavors pair beautifully with the creamy salted caramel quenelle. This time, Jonathan pours a cocktail of pineapple, Milagro Silver Tequila and lime, adding a sour twist that completes the satisfaction.

With the dim lighting, warmly decorated interior, and cozy conversations with the chef and bartender as you work your way through the dishes, the Dirty Supper creates a friendly and inviting environment for your meal, and it’s one that will entice you. to come back. .

The Dirty Supper is located at Level 2, 98 Club St, Singapore 069467. Open Wednesday to Saturday, two seats from 6pm. The 6-course tasting menu is priced at S$128 and the 6-course pairing menu at S$200, with reservations available online at 10 people per seat.

This article first appeared in City Nomads.

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