Restaurant Review: Tasty Nosh at Gnostic, Belfast

There are certain dishes that I will always choose from a menu, no matter the weather or the occasion, like tacos.

No doubt related to my weak attempts at cooking when I lived as a student in Dublin, but tacos are a quick and delicious meal. In my book, if there’s an emoji for that, it must be good.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see them on the menu at Gnostic, located on City Quays, opposite the Harbor Commissioners Office.

The relatively new restaurant offers a clean selection of small plates to share, as well as a tempting range of cocktails.

Tapas type food…another tick in my favorite food box.

Downstairs, the decor is reminiscent of a 1920s bar, with dark wood paneling and comfy, cushioned chairs. An array of perfectly colored bottles faces you from the bar, and the Gnostic team is ready to answer (m)any questions a hungry customer might have.

The menu is very good with all tastes catered for: sliders (including pistachios and pea falafels), salads, fish, meat and of course the aforementioned tacos.

Those opting for veg-based plates will be delighted – there’s plenty to feast on without feeling like an afterthought.

It’s not an excessively long menu, but there is plenty to discover.

The shrimp tacos came with avocado and corn salsa and lime cream, and just a hint of spice, enough to let you know it’s there without spoiling the taste of the fresh ingredients. . Each crispy taco contained two tasty shrimp, but of course, who wouldn’t want another shrimp or two?

My friend opted for the Asian chicken salad and declared it very tasty, loaded with peanuts and Chinese cabbage, and a good amount of hoisin. It certainly looked very appetizing and was beautifully presented.

While the sides include sweet potatoes with chorizo ​​and feta, we both opted for the aioli fries. Note to self: the table next to us had the sweet potato dish and we had some serious FOMO food.

Each plate size is generous, larger than regular tapas, but hungry diners may need a second plate to satisfy themselves.

That said, having been to Gnostic in the evening and ordered far too many plates, it may be a matter of ordering as you go. The service is fast; we ordered and had lunch within 10 minutes.

Satisfied…but there’s always room for dessert. My friend had the Eton Mess, a glass of meringue, cream and rhubarb which was an unexpected but welcome flavor in what can often be an overly sweet dessert. She really enjoyed the sourness running through the meringue.

I had the Chocolate Delice, with a caramel sauce so thick I dragged my spoon across the plate to eat it – totally worth it. The delight had a touch of dark chocolate, which I prefer, and I would happily order it again.

Gnostic is quickly becoming a favorite for its efficient service and tasty range of plates where less is definitely more.

The law project

Asian salad 9€

Prawn tacos £9

Tokens x 2 £8

Eton Mess 7 €

Chocolate delight 7€

Soft drinks £6.90

Sparkling water €2.40

TOTAL £49.30

Service ****

Food ****

Decor ***

Vegetarian ****

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