Restaurant Review: Southern Sisters Café & Catering

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My mum took me out for lunch and I just discovered this hidden gem for the first time in my life. At 61N, near the loaded tea shop and the Zips, there is a small building that serves comfort food. I had my doubts, as I’m not always impressed with cafe food. Nevertheless, I ventured to try new things.

I was so wrong. I walk in, and my first sign should have been how crowded this little building was. People were waiting for a table in this little cafe! There were 15 takeout orders sold and sent to the door within 10 minutes of me being in line for food. They sold almost everything. I was so glad we called ahead.

Southern Sisters Café fried chicken.

We ordered a lunch plate which will come with the meat of your choice, two vegetables, a bun, dessert and sweet tea. I ordered fried chicken, fried okra and mashed potatoes and gravy. My mom ordered the same thing, except she got mac and cheese. Everything was steaming hot even though it was served from a line. The fried okra was crispy and seasoned to perfection. The outside had that sharp crunch, not soggy at all, and the okra itself had the perfect silky texture we all know and love. If you say you don’t like fried okra, grow up. You are wrong. It wasn’t overdone to make it mushy, it wasn’t undercooked where you have trouble chewing it. These ladies know how to handle themselves around a frying pan, that’s all I’m going to say about it.

The mac and cheese was also phenomenal. Some baked Macs and cheeses are dry and tasteless. This mac and cheese should be an example of how this classic dish should be served. Each bite had a creamy, flavorful punch that even Chuck Norris couldn’t compete with. The layer of baked cheese on top was thicker than Honey Boo Boo’s mother. It was really delicious.

Macaroni and mashed potatoes from the Southern Sisters Café.

The fried chicken is really what stole the show, though. This fried chicken gives Colonel Sanders and 11 original herbs and spices a hard time. We both had white meat and I expected it to be a bit dry. I was wrong. One bite of that chicken breast had all that juice dripping down my shirt. I wasn’t even ashamed. It was like a badge of honor to have a spot of that delicious chicken. This chicken was hot, juicy, flavorful, big, country and beautiful. Will Smith couldn’t slap as hard as this chicken. I wanted to eat the bones when I was done because I just didn’t want to finish my meal.

I haven’t even mentioned the service which went above and beyond for us. Our hands were full with a baby and a diaper bag in tow. They carried our drinks, plates and high chair to the table for us. They brought my son some Fruit Loops and took turns entertaining him so we could finish our meals. They checked us a hundred times and made sure everything was fine. These women are angels sent directly from heaven. I cannot recommend Sisters of the South highly enough. Thank you so much for a great experience and great food!

Also, for the readers, comment which restaurant you’d like me to try next! All the hidden gems that I may not know about. I would love to try your favorite places to eat!!

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