Restaurant Review – Sabor Brazilian Grill in the Midway

restaurant review

Brazilian Grill Sabor
3944 West Point Loma Avenue
Middle neighborhood
San Diego CA 92110

By Judi Curry

The last primary election held in San Diego introduced me to a new group of people interested in the same solutions for our community as I am. It was a refreshing and exciting time. As we get to know each other better, we branch out and do more than discuss San Diego politics.

Today was a perfect example of that, as I went out to lunch with Mandy Havlik, currently an elected member of the Peninsula Community Planning Council and former candidate for City Council.

Several new restaurants have opened in the Ocean Beach/Point Loma area. We decided to try Brazilian Grill Sabor. It is located just behind Grocery Outlet to the north.

We were greeted by Gustavo and he gave us the choice of eating inside or outside. We chose the inside because it was air conditioned and it was quite warm outside. We were able to choose the table we wanted, and settled in for a new experience.

As we perused the large menu, Gustavo brought us glasses of water and a large carafe filled with ice water. We both asked him about the menu, and he answered our questions, made recommendations, and was very personable.

Cheese bread. All food photos by Judi Curry.

Entrees had 13 items listed and some were vegetarian; there were three salads and also marked vegetarian; There were sandwiches, add-ons, entrees, desserts, drinks, etc. All in all it was a very extensive menu.

Cheese Pastels

Mandy and I decided to order two entrees and split them. Gustavo recommended the cheese bread to us as it is one of the most popular Brazilian snacks and it is vegetarian if we wanted it. We also ordered cheese pastel, made with mozzarella, gouda and parmesan. It was also vegetarian. Both of these items cost $5.

I think we both liked the Pastel better than the cheese bread. The bread was a bit hard and chewy, although tasty.

Cheese Pastels

Next, we decided to split a Floripa salad, which was made with fresh mixed greens, hearts of palm, lots of avocado, and a homemade citric dressing. It was fresh and very good. There was lots of avocado on top of the sides of the salad and the hearts of palm were delicious. It was also vegetarian and cost $11.

By then Mandy and I were full, so rather than ordering a starter we opted for another appetizer. This time we ordered beef croquette, the most popular Lebanese style snack in Brazil. It consisted of ground beef and bulgur flour. It was $4.

Beef croquet

Although it tasted nice, it was a bit too dry for me. I think the bulgur flour was the culprit and dried out the meat. But again, it was tasty.

Overall I think we both enjoyed our meal. We were in no rush and our server listened to us throughout lunch. I believe we would both return at a later date. Come join us!

Floripa Salad

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