Restaurant Review: Main Street Market Cafe by Bethany Claire Johnson

My mom and I decided to have lunch at the Main Street Market Cafe this Friday and I was so impressed!

We walked in with my son and the waiter, Jamie, exclaimed, “That boy looks like me with those big ears!” I immediately felt at home. I asked for a high chair and was told the only ‘high chair’ they had was hanging on the wall as a decorative piece. I looked up, and sure enough, they had a chair on the wall.

Main Street Market

Photo via threshold

They gave me a booster seat, and while it wasn’t ideal, they went above and beyond to make it work. They brought out a special chair in the back to give him more security. It was very pleasant and I really appreciate that they went out of their way to accommodate me.

My server was Jamie and he was wonderful. He was incredibly helpful with Jasper, my son, and even filled his sippy cup for me because my hands were full. He spent the whole meal chatting with “his twin” and making him laugh. This kind of service keeps people coming back.

Main Street Market Chicken

Photo by Bethany Claire Johnson

The restaurant owner came to our table to tell us about the lunch special: blackened chicken with cilantro-lime cream sauce, black-eyed peas and Spanish rice. This chicken was out of this world! Putting my father’s chicken to shame. The way the flavor of the chicken and cilantro lime sauce bounced off each other was like I had a little Olympic gymnast in my mouth. It was a great contrast and the meal was light enough that you could end a day of work without feeling groggy afterwards.

My son inhaled the black-eyed peas like a Rainbow suction system, and he ate almost as much rice as he was carrying! It was a very good dish all around.

We actually had dessert too, and the lemon chess pie was amazing! I almost took the owner, Mrs. Sally, hostage because I wanted this pressure chess pie!!

Main Street Market Pie

Photo by Bethany Claire Johnson

I was really very impressed. Thanks, Main Street Market! You made us all feel so welcome and fed us well!!

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