Restaurant Review: Madhu’s Brasserie Richmond

Madhu’s Brasserie is a stylish Indian affair with royal ties that brings the chic of Knightsbridge to leafy Richmond on Thames…

Photo: Madhu Brewery/Anton Rodrigues

Madhu’s Brasserie opened last year in the elegant fifth-floor dining room of Harvey Nichols in London.

It’s the brainchild of esteemed Indian caterers and restaurateurs Madhu whose clients include the Prince of Wales.

Today, a Madhu’s Brasserie has opened in Richmond, in a quiet corner of the village-like town, with the same stylish décor and delicious Indian cuisine.

We found a civilized and chic vibe upon entering the restaurant where some guests were perched on bar stools facing the open kitchen, enjoying drinks and small bites while watching the staff busy themselves at the grill.

We sat at the window from where we could enjoy the kitchen theater as well as the quiet of the leafy streets of Richmond. Decor is tasteful with an Art Deco touch to the bar and bright bucket chairs.

The classic yet contemporary menu is pleasingly small and the signature dishes clearly marked, such as the murgh tikka, a delicate chicken leg grilled on the Robata, a Japanese-style grill.

We chose a prawn moilee curry to follow, which came in a creamy coconut sauce with turmeric and ginger and a grilled Tandoori chicken flavored with fenugreek.

We could have opted for the thali brand, which is a selection of small but perfect dishes through the menu which fills the table with bright and tasty plates.

All dishes are medium spicy and all meat is halal.

There was also a good range of vegetarian and vegan options, including Madhu’s makhani dal, slow-cooked black lentils in butter and tomato.

Finally, we were persuaded to try gajar ka halva, a surprising dish of sweet carrots and a traditional Indian ice cream, badam kulfi.

We drank Cobra wine and beer, but there were also some interesting cocktails and mocktails on the menu.

It’s Indian cuisine with a sophisticated twist on traditional dishes, served in style in an elegant restaurant with the chance to watch the chefs at work.

Address: 106 Sheen Road, TW9 1UR

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