Restaurant Review, Filby Bridge, Filby, Great Yarmouth 2022

7:00 p.m. July 7, 2022

The view across the Broads on the day we visited is stunning with two huge herons sweeping across the vast waterscape.

As we wait to order, a family of Egyptian geese waddles past the window as rowboats dance in the breeze and clouds streak across the sky.

Filby Bridge, in Filby, near Great Yarmouth, is a revelation.

Boats floating on the Broads can be hired for fishing trips at Filby Bridge.
– Credit: Liz Coates

Ahead on the A1064, it’s nothing special, indeed, we’ve probably passed thousands of times thinking about it.

In our 20 years of living a short drive away, we have never been, never thought of going there. It gave off an old fashioned cafe vibe.

Food tip: Filby Bridge, Filby, near Great Yarmouth

The side facing the road at Filby Bridge does not hint at the magnificent views offered to diners.
– Credit: Liz Coates

But after looking at the menu online, there seemed to be a lot to like, so we thought we’d give it a try.

We moved in around noon on a Friday without a reservation.

There were a few tables seated inside and a group of guys outside eating burgers, but we were soon joined by other diners.

We were shown to a plum spot just by the bay window with a great view of Filby Broad.

Food tip: Filby Bridge, Filby, near Great Yarmouth

The view from our reviewer’s table at Filby Bridge Restaurant, Filby, near Great Yarmouth.
– Credit: Liz Coates

Filby Bridge sits at the water’s edge, a manicured lawn that slopes down to the shore.

In the distance a fisherman casts his rod, hoping for a bite – like us.

The interior of the restaurant is large with well spaced tables, although speaking to the owner it is a scaled down version of what it was before Covid.

Food tip: Filby Bridge, Filby, near Great Yarmouth

Inside Filby Bridge’s cozy dining room.
– Credit: Liz Coates

The decor is clean and modern – not the flowery carpets I had envisioned.


The lunch menu is quite traditional and simple – no need to ask Google to translate.

The decision for me was easy as I wanted a lighter lunch. My husband went with a Stodge-Fest which he came to regret.

Food Review: Filby Bridge Restaurant, Filby, near Great Yarmouth

The prawn and smoked salmon cocktail at Filby Bridge was a light lunch in itself.
– Credit: Liz Coates

For starters I had the prawns and smoked salmon cocktail (£7.50) and across the table he opted for fried camembert with cranberry sauce (£6).

Both were good and generously sized and felt very fresh. My cocktail came with the perfect amount of smoked salmon and the whole salad was crispy without a hint of wilting. The bread triangles were also soft and nicely buttered.

Food Review: Filby Bridge Restaurant, Filby, near Great Yarmouth

Fried camembert with cranberry sauce, one of the starter options at Filby Bridge.
– Credit: Liz Coates

For main I had the fresh Cromer crab salad (£15) and my other half the house steak and kidney pie (£14).

Mine was a rainbow riot of colors with wedges of tomato, red onion, beetroot, lettuce, cucumber and egg.

Food Review: Filby Bridge Restaurant, Filby, near Great Yarmouth

The crab salad at Filby Bridge was super fresh and unpretentious.
– Credit: Liz Coates

There was a separate jar of silky coleslaw and a pitcher of dressing. To be honest, it’s probably a salad you’d make at home, but it saves you the hassle of chopping, and everything was wonderfully fresh and filling.

The steak and kidney pie came with fries and peas and plenty of gravy in a separate pitcher – no need to come up like Oliver to ask for more.

Food Review: Filby Bridge Restaurant, Filby, near Great Yarmouth

Filby Bridge’s homemade steak and kidney pie came with chips and peas and a generous helping of gravy.
– Credit: Liz Coates

It was, I am told, pleasant and very much. It was a simple, hearty dish that hit the mark, and more.

There was a choice of six desserts including a hot crumble and a homemade lemon cheesecake. My husband, defeated, bowed out. I went to the mess at Eton.

Food tip: Filby Bridge, Filby, near Great Yarmouth

The Eton Mess dessert at Filby Bridge was worth the visit alone, a real sight.
– Credit: Liz Coates

And I have to say that was my show stopper. An absolute pleasure to dive.

Somehow, and there’s probably an equation for it, it seemed to balance the exact amount of meringue crunch, creaminess, and strawberry slivers.

As a fan, I’d probably say this is the best I’ve ever had and worth rushing for the finale.

All in all, delicious, unpretentious, fresh food in an amazing place. Then we went for a walk taking in the views and there is a nice boardwalk to a nearby bird hide.

Food tip: Filby Bridge, Filby, near Great Yarmouth

Filby Bridge’s patio with stunning views of the Broads.
– Credit: Liz Coates


You really couldn’t do better. Location, location, location as they say. The view is stunning – what you see from the side of the road has nothing to do with what you see out back…or maybe it’s the front?

Food tip: Filby Bridge, Filby, near Great Yarmouth

Panoramic views of the Broads await those who venture to Filby Bridge Restaurant in Filby.
– Credit: Liz Coates


Easy to get to and all on one level inside with plenty of room between tables to maneuver. There are disabled toilets and ample free parking.

There is a good selection of vegetarian/vegan dishes. They also do takeout at certain times.


Very friendly and relaxed. I never felt harassed or abandoned. We had a good chat with the manager as we were leaving, who explained that the family business had been on site, first operating out of a cabin, for around 40 years.

Food Review: Filby Bridge Restaurant, Filby, near Great Yarmouth

The patio overlooking the open sea at Filby Bridge Restaurant.
– Credit: Liz Coates


We paid £68.10 including our tip. The bill also included two and a half pints of beer and a diet cola. Prices are probably a bit below average, especially if you only have a main meal.

Food tip: Filby Bridge, Filby, near Great Yarmouth

The Filby Bridge Restaurant was a revelation to our reviewer who was unaware it had such great views.
– Credit: Liz Coates

Filby Bridge is on Main Road, Filby, Great Yarmouth NR29 3AA, 01493 368142.

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