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Known for its scrumptious pasta and strategic location with stunning views of Marina Bay Sands, Caffe Fernet has easily captured the hearts of many, including us. Complete with comfortable booths, high chairs and wooden tables, the airy Italian restaurant is the epitome of comfortable and stylish al fresco dining.

Ideal for dates, family time, or a relaxing session, the gastronomic journey here begins with fine drinks, just like any other establishment in the Jigger & Pony group. After making a splash at Asia’s second-best bar, Silvio Daniele took over the reins at Caffe Fernet as lead bartender. Drawing on his knowledge of Italian drinking and dining traditions, Daniele welcomes a robust new line of cocktails, designed to impress, adapt and satisfy.

Spread over six periods of the day – which range from Day drinking is cool and Clear my schedule to It’s always 5pm in Italy and One for the road – expect a generous menu that caters to your whims and cravings.


The vodka-based Breakfast Martini ($22) is one of the cheeky categories, concocted for drinkers who like to start their day with a solid drink. Boasting the stuff of your ideal breakfast, the flavored drink blends Haku Vodka, Lemon Juice, Orange Marmalade, English Breakfast Tea and Clarified Milk. The result is a lighter, sweeter drink with a slight tartness towards the end of the sip.


No surprise here, but the Classic Negroni ($23) is also a top pick, and for good reason. Concocted with all-Italian ingredients, the potent yet not overpowering drink features the ever-loved Campari bitter, as well as Del Professore Gin and Rosso Vermouth, bringing spice and vanilla notes.

The Sakura Bellini ($21) also stood out, with its dry finish that makes it too easy to enjoy. On the palate, the concoction was expressive, carrying a sweet and fruity taste profile with high notes of peach.


Beyond the drinks, the menu is just as well thought out, mixing extraordinary imported ingredients and local products. For appetizers, whet your appetite with the Burrata ($27), which also managed to garner applause from the vegetarians at our table. The well-balanced dish gets its flavor from the accompanying kalamata olive crumbs, a drizzle of prosecco vinaigrette, while corn from Chitose Farm sums up the profile with a touch of sweetness.


New to the menu, Little Gem Lettuce ($23) is a crunchier, nuttier choice with lettuce spears, Sicilian pistachio, castelmagno cheese and tropical sweet peaches that sit under a layer of red wine vinaigrette lavender. The Summer Tomato Focaccia ($15), on the other hand, would be our pick for something heartier, with a crunchy base topped with slow-roasted heirloom tomatoes for a sweeter flavor.


Stamped as a timeless mainstay, the Mafaldine Cacio E Pepe ($27) is a Caffe Fernet staple, charming with its rich blend of parmesan and pecorino, topped with four types of peppercorns.

Using fish from the local Ah Hua Kelong farm, the red grouper ($46) with smoked mussel, Carentan leek and baby potato is also climbing up to become a customer favourite. The gluten-free dish is healthy with an irresistible buttery finish thanks to its gourmet sauce and creamy texture.


For dessert, we opted for another drink instead. The Sgroppino ($25) made the cut as our favorite drink of the night. This may be due to its sweet and refreshing accomplice, the Dopa Dopa lemon sorbet soaked in gin, rosemary and prosecco. A gourmet note to finish, the perfect drink to cleanse the palate with its tangy and zesty notes.

Caffe Fernet is located at Customs House, #01-05, 70 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049323, p. +65 9178 1105, [email protected] Open Monday to Thursday from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., Friday to Sunday from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. Happy Hour is available from opening until 6:30 p.m.

This article first appeared in City Nomads.

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