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I went on a date for the first time in forever with my future husband this week. We wanted to go somewhere nice with good food and had heard good things about Anchuca from Vicksburg. We had heard only good things, but nothing could have prepared us for what we experienced.

We booked for 6 p.m. We get dressed, we go to town.

Reviews Anchuca Vicksburg
(Photo by Bethany Claire Johnson)

First of all, Anchuca is beautiful. I would love to rent a room one night just to see them because if the cafe is that nice I couldn’t imagine what the rooms were like. To enter the café, you have to go through this beautiful patio with a fountain and a garden. This area looks like a movie scene. It literally felt like we weren’t in Vicksburg.

We go inside Anchuca and are escorted to our seats. I told you before, I am not a high class lady, master of etiquette. These people had the CLOTH folded towels all immaculate. There were three different forks, fancy spoons and tall chalice type glasses for water. The waitress came to our table and lit a very small candle. I was in awe.

Reviews Anchuca Vicksburg
The waitress came to our table and lit a very small candle. I was in awe. (Photo by Bethany Claire Johnson)

We started by ordering two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, I believe it was the Scarborough. It was a good start to the evening. There was soft jazz playing, and it was as if Gregory Porter himself had hung the moon and stars in that restaurant that night. I started with the asparagus bisque and my fiancé got the okra for our appetizers.

The asparagus bisque was asparagus-y and bisque-y. It definitely warmed me up. The okra was different because I’m used to a man named Bubba hand pulling crawfish from the bayou to make my okra in the same pot his family has had for 30 years. This okra was a classy okra. It was almost overflowing and stuffed with seafood. It was delicious! The okra was thick and there was substance in every bite. I was very surprised.

For my main, I ordered the chicken piccata, and my fiancé had seared Mahi over cheesy grits covered in seafood etouffee.

We had the pleasure of meeting our chef when she brought out our dishes. She was not only incredibly talented, but she was kind and very caring. My fiancé and I ordered cocktails with our meals. I had a Cosmopolitan. He had the Manhattan. These drinks were so delicious and had such an elegant presentation. It really was as if we had walked into Gusteau’s from Ratatouille. My chicken piccata was absolutely phenomenal. Hot, crispy, but lightly breaded chicken with a champagne caper sauce that made me melt. The lemon wasn’t overpowering but the acidity balanced the creaminess of the pasta. It was absolutely the best meal I have ever had in Vicksburg, MS. I only tasted my fiancé’s meal, but his Mahi was seared evenly and perfectly. The inside was so soft and tender, the etoufée was very thick and just filled with seafood. To say the least, I can say these meals were inspiring.

We ended the evening with a flourless brownie topped with cream and covered with a layer of chocolate mousse. It was topped with a brandy-based whipped cream and had a drizzle of caramel and chocolate. It was rich, moist, gooey, sweet, delicious, crisp, etc. Any positive adjective you might throw at this dessert, I can comfortably guarantee it will hit all the marks. The entire meal was outstanding, the service was of a caliber I have never experienced, and the scenery was simply chic and romantic.

Reviews Anchuca Vicksburg
“,,, any positive adjective you might throw at this dessert, I can comfortably guarantee it will hit all the marks.” (Photo by Bethany Claire Johnson)

After settling in, we decided to finish our cocktails on the terrace, under the ambient lighting with the fountain lapping gently behind us. Chef Ashley came out to light our candle and inquire about our meals. It was the perfect way to end my evening.

I generally try to leave reviews with a sense of humor and a light-hearted attitude. If I had done this with Anchuca, I could not have summarized what a wonderful experience they gave me. Anchuca is truly the hidden gem of Vicksburg, MS.

Thank you, Anchuca, for the wonderful food and experience! Can’t wait to visit again.

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