Restaurant manager responds to TripAdvisor review of couple’s ‘very bad night’

A restaurant manager has hit back after a disgruntled couple left a scathing review on Trip Advisor complaining about missing onions, a ‘thimble’ of peas and Emmerdale on TV.

A married couple visited Highfield Restaurant in July and claimed their dining experience was the ‘worst ever’, Lancs Live reports.

The restaurant in Leyland, Lancashire, has a 3.5 bubble rating on TripAdvisor with more than 200 excellent or very good reviews, but the couple concluded their visit was a ‘very bad night’ and their ‘worst dining experience “.

They then decided to share their thoughts on the experience at the Southport Road restaurant on the TripAdvisor website.

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Some of their complaints included being seated in a booth with a TV that allegedly played Emmerdale aloud, being told menu items were unavailable as they were out of onions and being served a “thimble” full of peas with fish and chips.

They suggested that a member of staff could go to a nearby shop to buy onions for ‘one pound’ so customers weren’t told the dishes weren’t available.

The manager of The Highfield, however, responded to the criticism saying she was “deeply saddened” to hear about their experience.

Regarding the onion shortage, she said the restaurant was “let down” by its supplier for the second time that week.

She added that due to a combination of the impact of Covid-19 and Brexit, some venues are struggling to source food and drink.

The manager also responded to the suggestion to visit a local store to buy onions.

Addition: “As you rightly mentioned there is a garage about 1km away, but I’m sure you will understand that fresh produce is not in abundance in this type of establishment (no levity on the garage, they do good, but small selection of fresh products!)

“The pound of onions you mentioned could indeed have been bought, but would only have been enough for 5 pan meals. We do about 1,800 meals a week.”

The manager also claimed that any issues other than dishes that were not available would have been ‘quickly’ corrected by the staff if raised at the time.

The full review:

“I booked a table asking for a booth, which we got with a fixed tv show [Emmerdale] and relatively loud music on the speakers.

“There were other cabins available and I should have asked to be moved. First mistake, but I think most people don’t go out to watch TV. At least I could have been asked if we wanted the television.

“We then ordered the wine quite well but could have been chilled a bit better, followed by attempts to order food.

“My wife asked for Doner Lamb Kebab to be informed that they are not available as we are out of onions and it is a sizzle on a plate!!!!!! There is a convenience store in less than 300 yards from the pub so perhaps a visit for a pound of onions might have been appropriate. Presumably not all kebabs would be available.

“I then ordered half a chicken only to be told it was unavailable. So at this point we should have left but we had started drinking wine.

“My wife ordered nachos with chicken and it looked like a dog got sick with very soggy nachos (she asked me to try to see they were soggy not her opinion), she didn’t didn’t eat more than a third of it.

“I had fish and chips and pea mash with a fairly ordinary fish 12 chip and a dice full of peas. It was OK.

“We had then paid before having our meal, so we left and were home by 8:00 p.m.

“A really bad night and we both agreed it was the worst dining experience of our lives.”

Response from The Highfield restaurant manager:

“I am deeply saddened to hear that you thought this was the worst dining experience you have ever had.

“Regarding the stall you requested, we are a family pub and our TV booths are the most coveted tables in the restaurant, which is why when you requested a stall when booking you were allocated to one of them. If you had made the host know that you would prefer another table, they would have gladly accommodated your request.

“We unfortunately ran out of onions on Thursday as our supplier was dropped for the second time this week. A combination of the impact of COVID-19 (on businesses across the country) and Brexit has left many places of home struggling to get not only food but also drinks!I’m sure if you talk to a landlord in the current climate they will tell you about their own struggles!

“As you rightly said, there is indeed a garage about 1 km away, but I’m sure you can understand that fresh produce isn’t in abundance at this type of establishment (no levity on the garage, they do a great but small selection of fresh food!)

“The pound of onions you mentioned could indeed have been bought, but would only have been enough for 5 pan meals. We do about 1,800 meals a week.

“Lamb kebab and 1/2 roast chicken will not be on our new menu (to be launched next week) which is why they were not available. I’m sure you’ll understand why we took the decision not to continue serving these dishes until the launch of the menu, to avoid even more loss of inventory this year.

“As for your meals, I’m sorry to hear you weren’t blown away. These are 2 of our top selling dishes and we usually get great reviews.

“Except for the dishes that were not available, we would have gladly and quickly resolved any issues if you had raised them with a member of our team at the time!

“We hope you give us the opportunity to impress you in the future.

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