Restaurant manager responds after customer who ‘complained about everything’

The restaurant, which in its review said it visited the Celebrity Indian restaurant near Broad Street in Shropshire, said it would not return or recommend the restaurant to anyone.

The manager of Celebrity Indian Restaurant in Birmingham has left an honest and fair response to a restaurant that ‘complained about every little thing’ during its stay at the curry house

A restaurant manager has hit back at a restaurant that complained about “every little thing” on Tripadvisor.

The restaurant, which in its review said it had visited the Celebrity Indian restaurant in Birmingham, said it would not return or recommend the restaurant to anyone.

The owner said claims about wait times were “exaggerated” and accused the review of being “unpleasant” for staff.

Celebrity Indian Restaurant has a 4.0 rating on the review website, with one recent restaurant calling it “fantastic”, while another said it was “simply the best”. But this restaurant called Bran chose to give it a one star rating in their review – said “rude staff, dirty restaurant”.

They claimed to have waited over 20 minutes for their poppadoms to be served – when in fact it was only nine minutes.

They also said they felt unwelcome by staff – adding that they should “learn some manners”, The Birmingham Mail reports.

Their review in full read: “Wow what an experience!! Was seated at our table with no smile very unwelcoming!

The restaurant claimed they waited over 20 minutes for their poppadoms to be served – when it was actually only nine minutes


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“I sat for about 15 minutes and had to call someone to order Bacardi and coke drinks! The coke was watered down and I didn’t know where the Bacardi was!! Horrible!

“Someone came to take the order then waited another 20 mins for our poppadoms after having to ask again!! At this point we were really annoyed as no apologies, just that they were shorted (not our problem).

“As we sat there, many other tables seemed to be getting special service, possibly their regulars! But it was obvious they didn’t like us!

“So we canceled our order and paid the bill no questions asked no apologies. Waiter was rude!! Throwing our receipt on the table no thank you no nothing!!

“When I read the reviews they seemed good apart from one that looks very similar to mine but we canceled our food thank goodness!! This review I thought was just picky but I know me -even that had to be true because there was experience the same!

“We certainly won’t be going back or recommending a dirty seating area to rude staff when you enter watered down minds, but the rude staff had to top it off because you really don’t deserve customers!! Learn some manners.”

But the general manager of the restaurant decided to respond to the criticism – by correcting them on the timings of their order.

They added that diners “complained about every little thing” and were not nice to staff members.

Their full response said, “Thank you for taking your time and we appreciate all feedback, negative reviews help us improve services.

“Unfortunately on Saturday night we were unable to accommodate you. Looking at your order, you ordered poppadoms and complained that you were waiting 40 minutes, we can confirm you waited nine minutes.

“We took your drinks order after seven minutes of being seated. Your timing seems rather over the top, we apologize that we were unable to serve you more quickly.

“You kept complaining about every little thing and luckily you asked to cancel your order as you were not nice to our team. Our goal is always to please customers and again we “We apologize for not living up to your standards. We wish you the best.”

Celebrity Indian Restaurant has over 400 “excellent” reviews on Tripadvisor. In February Jessica said: “We ate here on a Friday night, really delicious food and great service. The duck starter with sesame and tamarind was brilliant, and the jalfrezi, dhall and spinach rice were so good. Drinks are reasonable too.”

Another customer said: “The Celebrity restaurant was absolutely superb. The layout and decor are excellent, the restaurant is spotless.

“We had a nice table by a huge round window. The poppadoms were crisp and fresh. We chose two main courses from their specials that we hadn’t had before (mild for me and hotter for my husband) which were absolutely delicious.

“Our servers were really attentive and helpful. Thank you Tariq and Mujhaid for making our visit. I would definitely recommend Celebrity Restaurant as a good place to eat.”

Tyrone added: “On Sunday night five of us for the motorbike event booked this restaurant as it had great reviews, great location and it was also on the Meerkat app!! We were only disappointed with nothing.

“The beer was great, the wine also great but the food and service were excellent. We had a good two hours eating, drinking and talking.

“At no time did we feel rushed or unattended by our servers. It was one of the highlights of the weekend and we will be back in Birmingham. Thanks guys.”

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