Restaurant manager reacts to easing of restrictions –

Now that restrictions have been eased somewhat, Stan Killam, manager of MR MIKES Steakhouse Casual in Portage, is happy to see the action taken.

He says nightlife in Portage, as well as in Manitoba, has largely dissipated as a result of the COVID pandemic and ensuing restrictions. He notes that even if they are allowed to open later, they will wait at least a month or so.

“We’re not going to open until midnight, probably in the spring,” says Killam. “When the patio starts to open up and the guests and the people, and the province all start to relax a bit more.”

He says spring, when combined with the eased restrictions, will be great for businesses as they host sports teams looking to grab food after their games. Being able to sit outside in warm weather in good company will help restaurants regain some of the business they have lost in recent months.

“I really enjoyed how the province got through this one,” Killam notes. “All of our healthcare workers have worked the hardest and we love that, we respect them for that and we’re grateful for that.”

For a list of current public health restrictions in the province, click here.

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