Restaurant manager jailed in Adelaide for attacking young workers

A Adelaide The restaurant manager was jailed for nine years for raping an employee he was supposed to train as well as assaulting a teenage boy.

Miguel De Sa, 32, was found guilty by a jury earlier this year of two counts of rape against the female staff member.

In early 2020, under the guise of vocational training teaching the victim how to pour beers and mix drinks, De Sa invited her to try the drinks before suggesting that she continue at nearby bars.

Miguel DeSa. (Provided)

The court heard that the victim “started to feel extremely drunk”.

“Victim’s next memory is of being in a silver car, she didn’t know how she got there or where she was going, she then remembered being inside a house that she didn’t know in a room she didn’t recognize” Judge Anthony told Allen.

Judge Allen said it would have been “quite obvious” to De Sa that his victim could not consent.

“You have shown no insight or contrition for your offense and you continue to maintain your innocence,” he said.

At the time of this offense, De Sa was already out on bail for indecently assaulting a teenage waitress at a cafe, for which he was later jailed.

Today he was sentenced to an additional 6 years and 6 months on top of the sentence he is already serving.

He will be eligible for parole in 2026 and faces deportation to Portugal.

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