Restaurant manager humiliated by businessmen says they tried to downgrade her over her salary

Lily O’Connor, 22, suffered three hours of abuse from a group of diners at the Cora restaurant in Cardiff, leaving her in tears over their degrading treatment.

Lily O’Connor was left in tears after her treatment by a group of businessmen

A restaurant manager who was left in tears by ‘humiliating’ treatment of a table of wealthy customers has spoken of her shock.

Lily O’Connor, 22, was told by the arrogant party – who left no tip – that she would have to work seven nights a week if she wanted to earn a ‘living’ wage.

Over the course of three hours, she said the rude group tried to degrade her for doing the job she loves.

Such was the extent of the rudeness she endured, the boss of the Cora restaurant in Pontcanna, Cardiff, contacted diners and said he would refund their £1,000 bill – minus a £100 tip for Lily.

But after the company that made the booking failed to respond, Lee Skeet, 25, instead gave Lily the full amount to make up for her three hours of abuse.

Lily O’Connor with restaurant boss Lee Skeet, who spoke out against customer behavior



Describing the behavior of a restaurant, front desk manager Lily said MailOnline “He used humiliating tactics, trying to degrade me for the work I love to do.

“He was like, ‘How do you make a living?’ to that and ‘Why don’t you work seven nights a week?’

“It was heartbreaking – I had put up with this demeaning attitude while serving them seven courses.”

Lee and Lily say only one of the six men at the table is to blame for going after her because she was a young woman.

Lily, who worked in the hospitality industry for five years, said she didn’t want to ‘name and shame’ anyone, but that ‘there is a point to be made about hospitality workers and the how they are treated”.

The businessmen downed seven bottles of wine, the Mail reports, and racked up a £1,000 bill.

Lee denounced ‘rich people who think they can treat people like c***s’



Lee forbade the company from returning to Cora, which is always full because it can only hold 12 blankets.

Father-of-two Lee said: ‘It won’t happen again – people need to know that such behavior will not be tolerated in this restaurant.’

Lee received praise after tweeting that “we should start calling out the rich who think they can treat people like c**p”.

He made a new rule that staff must inform him of bad behavior while customers are still in the restaurant.

Lee said, “If it happens again, Lily can come straight to me and I’ll take care of it when it happens.”

Lee posted his response to the group on Twitter



He was furious at the way Lily had been treated.



He wrote online: ‘Dear… First of all I wanted to thank you for choosing my restaurant for your meal tonight, and I understand that you had the biggest bill we have ever had on a table here.

“Unfortunately, throughout the evening, I have been informed that your group’s behavior was inappropriate towards Lily, who is running in front of the house.

“She told me that as a 22 year old girl she was looked down upon, disrespected and touched in unwanted ways by members of your group.

“I’ve spent the last hour having conversations with her that break my heart, make me feel like an *** employer and a terrible father, having my own daughter.

‘Please provide your bank details and I will refund your full £1000 bill less £100 which I think you should have given Lily – which I will pay her direct – as you left no tip .

“I would thank you for never coming back to my restaurant. Lily means a lot more to me than money. I also think you should value the people you surround yourself with.

Lee posted the note on Twitter alongside the caption, “I’m not hunting or researching likes.” I just think we should start calling out the rich who think they can treat people like c***s.

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