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Located on Washington Street in downtown Athens, Paloma Park has become a regular hangout since it opened in 2021. With a jumbotron screen showing the game, many locals flock to the restaurant every Saturday to cheer on the Bulldogs and take advantage of their varied food and drink menu.

The Red & Black spoke to Paloma Park general manager Hank Sewell about what matchday at the restaurant will look like for this upcoming football season.

The Red & Black: Is there anything in particular you’re looking forward to this upcoming football season?

Hank Sewell: You could tell all summer that Athens just lacked a bit of light – the usual summer Athens we are used to. Maybe it was because of what I call the “revenge trip” of COVID. With studying abroad and the opening of Europe, I think a lot of people left Athens. So I think the influx of crowds is definitely something we’re most looking forward to.

R&B: On UGA game days, do you have any special promotions?

To sew : Not really. Our “special” is our environment, our beer garden and Jumbotron. I don’t think anyone in town really gets discounted drinks or specials on a game day because it’s already so busy in town so it’s not necessary. We have an in-game DJ, so during commercial breaks you don’t have to listen to commercials. We also have pre and post groups for most home games. And, game day audio is also in the restaurant.

R&B: Are there any menus or drinks you would recommend trying on game day?

To sew : The Espresso Martini is popular. We are primarily a tequila bar, so I will always suggest the Paloma on tap or the Spicy Margarita. Draft beer is always a popular option with football, and on game days at our outdoor bar we’ll have hot dogs for $5.

R&B: Why would you recommend Paloma Park for watching the game over other downtown restaurants around Athens?

To sew : I think it’s the atmosphere in the establishment itself. We pride ourselves on making sure this is the best place to watch a game. We have the biggest TV, not only so you can watch the Georgia game, but you can also watch other games. We like to provide an atmosphere where you can grab a light beer to watch the game or whip up a cocktail, specialty martini or whatever you’re looking for on a game day. We will be able to offer this experience.

I think we did a good job last season moving from a somewhat unfamiliar destination for game days to a popular location for games. If you can’t go to Stanford to watch the game, we hope Paloma Park is your second-best option.

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