Preston restaurateur announces closure of Fino Tapas Lytham after one year

Fino Tapas Lytham closes

Preston restaurateur Mark O’Rourke has announced the closure of Fino Tapas in Lytham after a year.


The decision was made following a decline in sales and attendance over the past six months.

The restaurant will close from Sunday August 14th. Fino Tapas Preston and Blackpool remain open.

Talk to Preston BlogMark said: “It’s about seeing a drop in sales at Lytham and an increase in sales at other sites, which makes it more difficult to continue business there.

“Gas and electricity alone cost £5,000 a month and then there’s rent, tariffs and staff costs, which means at the end of the day he has to earn a certain amount each month. and if not, it doesn’t work.”

July sales at Fino Tapas Lytham are down 50% from a year ago.

Asked about the possible reasons for the fall, Mark said: “I’m not too sure; more people may be on vacation this year and the cost of living may be lower.

“The weather hasn’t really been great and it’s a very weather dependent region.”

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Staff members have been offered jobs at Fino Tapas in Preston and Blackpool, as well as at the next location in Chester, which will open later this year.

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