GENEVIEVE KAMINSKI WRITTEN – Recently, I took a birthday trip to San Diego. I tried new cafes, went to Balboa Park and visited the zoo. I’ve never been a fan of San Diego because of the lack of entertainment and excessive calm for this city kid.

For my birthday, I searched Yelp for the best sushi possible. The only problem was that the restaurants had to have the shrimp heads alive. Over the past two years I have explored many new foods and restaurants. For my birthday, I knew I had to try something new, and it had to be something crazy. I opted for the prawn head because I’ve seen them so many times in sushi restaurants, but I was skeptical about the taste.

After thirty minutes of research, I found the perfect match: Sushi Ota, located in the middle of a 7-Eleven and a Planned Parenthood. The fish looked fresh, the aesthetic was soothing, and best of all, they had the sweet shrimp heads. Yelp was my best friend right now because it showed me everything I needed to see.

Except… when I went to place my order, the prawn heads were gone. I proceeded with caution, thinking my birthday might be ruined, but discovered the kamasu and needlefish and ordered them. They arrived, white with a slight pink tinge. The kamasu was sliced ​​thick, soft, flavorful and had a little hint of sweetness. The order came with wasabi under the fish which was a nice surprise.

After cleansing my palate with ginger came the needlefish. It was a white fish with a silver line in the middle of the scales, cut thick, smooth with a sweeter taste and almost as good as kamsu.

Continuing with dinner, I ordered the salmon, tuna, toro, uni and some hand rolls – the basics, of course. Each piece has been cut thick and to perfection. It had to be the freshest fish I have ever tasted.

This restaurant is ideal for intimate gatherings with friends and families. It is located in a quiet, sleepy strip mall off Mission Bay Drive. The staff were very welcoming and their suggestions of fish and rolls to try were greatly appreciated. For the quality of the fish, the prices are reasonable but can be expensive when ordering all the sushi on the menu – which I did, for my birthday.

It was a good time… even without the fish heads. Now I can go back and still have something new to try.

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