Man arrested for beating Lower Broadway restaurant manager

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – A man has been arrested after he “badly beat” a manager at Joe’s Crab Shack off Broadway on Monday night.

Officers were dispatched to the call around 5.40pm and witnesses told officers that 34-year-old Michael Deckard had “severely beaten” the manager. The victim was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center with a severe cut to the head.

Camera footage showed Deckard sitting on top of the manager after shoving him to the ground and punching him 14 times in the head before dismounting the victim and running away. Witnesses said Deckard pulled out a black gun before fleeing the scene.

A witness told police he followed Deckard after he left the restaurant and saw Deckard “drop” the gun. The witness showed police where he threw the gun in the alley under a wooden pallet next to the restaurant.

Another witness told officers he saw Deckard beat the victim and saw the gun Deckard held up. He pursued Deckard until he could flag officers to give a description of Deckard.

Officers saw Deckard standing in front of the Hard Rock Café at First Avenue and Broadway. At the time officers approached Deckard, believing he was still armed. Officers didn’t know he threw the gun away until after the arrest. Officers held Deckard at gunpoint and gave the order to turn around and get to the ground. Deckard obeyed orders and was arrested without incident.

When Deckard was in the back seat of the patrol car, he spat at the officers. Officers also checked the serial number of the gun and found it was stolen.

Deckard has been charged with aggravated assault, felon in possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon while committing a dangerous crime, assault on a first responder and theft of a firearm. fire.

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