Low Wood Bay Resort & Spa Appoints New Restaurant Manager | Item

The Low Wood Bay Resort and Spa in Windermere has appointed Craig Harrison as Restaurant and Banquet Manager.

Harrison is returning to the hospitality industry after a three-month hiatus after moving to the Lake District with her young family and working in an engineering and manufacturing company.

The hotel said Harrison was back in the business after missing “the buzz of big events, the camaraderie and helping people have fun.” In his new role at the flagship site of Lakes Hotels Resorts and Venues, he will be responsible for a team of 18 people.

Harrison began his hospitality career as a teenage pot washer, before moving on to several roles at Cartmel, including as bar manager at Simon Rogan’s Pig and Whistle Bar. He then worked as restaurant manager at The Black Bull in Malden, near Scotch Corner, following its £3.5million refurbishment, before moving on to restaurant manager at The Malmaison in Newcastle.

Commenting on his appointment, he said: “I love being back in the hospitality business. Some of us just have a natural affinity for customer service roles and we really thrive in the social and leisure environment. I guess I fall into this category.

“I am now in charge of catering at The Windermere restaurant, and although I often work longer hours, I am paid for this extra time, which is unusual in the hospitality industry.”

Low Wood Bay Resort and Spa General Manager Nevil Jeffery added, “Craig is a great addition to our F&B leadership team and it is encouraging to see a natural hospitality professional returning to the industry after experiencing the professional life in a different discipline.

“I knew from interviewing Craig that hospitality is his passion and that he loves what he does best. He clearly enjoys being back in the restaurant environment and I look forward to working with Craig for many years to come. many years.

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