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Summer projects are continuing in the Yankton School District (YSD) amid supply chain, labor and COVID-19 issues affecting schedules, the Yankton School Board learned during of its meeting on Monday.

YSD Buildings and Grounds Supervisor Rob Taylor updated the school board on the progress of summer maintenance and other ongoing projects in the school district.

The new school board president, Frani Kieffer, opened the conversation by joking, saying: “It’s all on time, isn’t it? »

“At least one thing is,” Taylor said. “The floors in the gymnasiums, they’ve all been refurbished, and the gymnasiums are open again from today.”

YSD has received a new kitchen fan which requires a crane to be lifted and installed on the roof of the school, he said, adding that work is expected to start on July 20.

“Innovative’s carpet installers were contacted this week, and they assured me that by the end of this week, they should be there to begin work on the new high school carpet project,” said Taylor.

Board Member Kathy Greeneway asked for clarification on the timeline for the carpet installation project.

“Like everyone else, they have labor issues, I’m told,” Taylor said. “Finishing one project before moving on to the next has been an issue for them this summer, not just with the workforce, but COVID is still circulating, and people are going out for a week or two at a time, so they’ve struggled to fulfill their other jobs.

The contractor, who was due to start work last week, now hopes to start this week and finish in 10 days, if there are enough manpower, he said.

Additionally, the Yankton Middle School (YMS) boiler replacement project was delayed due to a 17-week delivery date from the manufacturer. The new delivery date is set for mid-October.

The planning is important because the initial dismantling of the old boiler involves turning off the college’s fire alarm system, and this must take place when there are no students in the building, he said. he declares.

YSD Business Manager Jason Bietz took a moment to update the school board on a master plan in development to update YSD’s HV/AC systems. Bietz said this fall the school district is planning a review of all HV/AC systems to proactively budget for timely replacement.

Bietz noted that the YMS fire alarm system is outdated and needs to be replaced.

Also on Monday, newly re-elected board members Sarah Carda and Terry Crandall were sworn in by Bietz, who noted both candidates presented certificates of election at the May school board meeting after the election was finalized. .

The meeting for the 2021-2022 fiscal year was adjourned and the 2022-2023 fiscal year opened with the reorganization of the school board.

Frani Kieffer was elected chair of the board of directors, replacing Jill Sternquist. Terry Crandall was elected vice-president.

A budget hearing for public comment on the YSD budget published in the Saturday, July 9, Press & Dakotan, has taken place. There were no public comments. The school board has set September 12 as the date for adopting the budget.

Also, at Monday’s meeting:

• The school board appointed Greeneway and Carda to the standing staff committee, Sternquist to the finance committee, and Crandall and Kieffer to the building and grounds committee;

• The school board conducted the first reading of a draft school board communications policy;

• The school board approved a soccer facility agreement with the Yankton Youth Soccer Association;

• YSD Program Director Nicole Valnes, Technology Integrator Alli Davison, and IT Supervisor Matt Fredricksen informed the school board that the 20-year-old YMS smartboards have been updated with new Promethian boards;

• The Lincoln Elementary PTA has donated supplies and money for a school-wide shared craft space or art cart, according to an update from Lincoln Elementary Principal Tony best. Beste added that the Lincoln Back-to-School Carnival will be held this fall for the first time since 2020;

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