Joe’s Morning Cup –

Welcome to your Morning Cup of Joe, an eye-opener to help Joe readers adjust to their busy work day with some football links, goofy news and a pleasant distraction.

Entertainment of the day

So which quarterback are the Stinking Panthers trying to trade for? [PFT]

Kyler Murray plans to launch Operation Shutdown this summer. LOL Watch the Cardinals draft a quarterback next week. Not Murray? Goodbye Kliff Kingsbury. [CBS]

So Cowboys corner Kelvin Joseph was in a car where someone shot an innocent man. Joseph is lucky. In many states, if a crime is committed with or from a vehicle, everyone inside is locked up. It appears Joseph was initially singled out from the car when surveillance video surfaced and citizens recognized Joseph’s bling on social media. [Yahoo!]

Best free agents still available. [NFL]

Floyd Mayweather says he’ll give an NFL team $20 million to sign Antonio Brown. [SI]

Bad Investment of the Year: Stuff $2.8 million into a product. It’s only worth $280 now. [Coin Desk]

The little girl calls 911; McDonald’s order.[WFLA]

Dude poses as a DEA agent in order to get a Wendy’s discount. [Orlando Sentinel]

The skydiver’s parachute breaks down. Slams into the ground at 80 mph. She lives to talk about it. [News Nation Now]

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