Jackson’s leisure businesses face supply chain issues

JACKSON, Tenn. – Local Jackson recreation businesses are facing a shortage of supplies.

The owners fear that they will not be able to satisfy their customers, which would lead to a drop in sales.

Collin Johnson, the owner of Rev Powersports, says while other businesses like restaurants are seeing growth from the height of the pandemic, businesses like his are now starting to experience the supply shortage.

“The industry as a whole is currently suffering from supply chain issues because they cannot get new machines. People who order these machines even wait 10-12 months. Obviously it affects our business,” Johnson said.

Johnson says that in 2020 his business has seen growth. He now says that due to the demand for boats and other recreational vehicles, they simply don’t have enough stock to keep up due to a nationwide shortage.

“Our business has actually been successful during COVID. In our experience, everyone was trying to get out, away from congested areas because of the risk of exposure,” Johnson said.

He says the rising cost of fuel is also having an impact.

Other companies are also affected by the problems related to COVID-19.

“2020 was in full swing. I mean we were bursting because there were a lot of bikes and parts, and everything was available once the shutdown went into effect,” said Shawn Riggs, owner of Bicycle City.

Riggs says the boom slowly waned the following year. Riggs says that’s when he started experiencing a shortage of bikes.

He says that since his suppliers are a China-based company, it’s increasingly difficult to get the parts and bikes he needs.

“A lot of times they had everything but maybe the handlebars, and they couldn’t build the bike. So it pushed the deadline further and further until they got the parts, and then it came. There are so many bike shops looking for parts, every time they got them they immediately left,” Riggs said.

Both traders say they hope the shortage will end before the start of summer.

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