‘It’s going to take a little more effort’, supply chain issues have local business owners dreading the movement of masters

AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – We tell you every year how much local businesses look forward to the extra foot traffic from the Masters Tournament, but this time around some owners are dreading it due to supply chain issues.

“It’s going to take a little more effort,” said Brad Usry, owner of Fat Man’s Hospitality.

Brad Usry is the owner of Fat Man’s Hospitality. He says supply chain issues are having a huge impact on local businesses.

“Our costs are higher. I hate to give a percentage, but I mean overall we pay more,” Usry said.

And of course, since they have to pay more, customers will have to pay more. Other than that, Usry tells NewsChannel 6 that they don’t get 100% of what they order when it comes to ingredients and other necessities for the restaurant.

He says, “Usually it’s about 80% of what we order, but we just have to swallow it, go shopping and find it. We have to do what we have to do to make it work. »

And it’s the same motto as the manager of Bee’s Knees. At the moment the establishment is facing a shortage of cups.

“Things take a lot longer to get here, whereas things used to take a week or two weeks now, it takes three four sometimes longer,” Porter said.

John Porter is the manager of Bee’s Knees. He says that due to the delay in getting the cups they usually use, they have to buy a bulk order of a different type of cups.

“So now we’re at a point where we’re kind of desperate and we have to order these cuts that are lower, just to be prepared for the Masters,” Porter said.

And of course, these cups cost more. Hannah Barnes, owner of Greenbrier Nursery in Evans, says Masters Week brings in a lot of money for her store.

“Because a lot of new rentals are coming in, people want to redo all their landscaping for this Masters week,” Barnes said.

She says they usually get a lot of special requests to make indoor and outdoor planters and arrangements. Barnes says his biggest concern is selling out and not being able to restock once the tournament is over.

She says: ‘I’m afraid it’s going to happen. Especially if people are already buying lots of large ceramic pots, palms, hard to find things like Boston fern. If someone walks in and has a big porch, they might want to buy 6 at a time. Then, customers who arrive after the Masters and just want to buy things for their own homes, they might have trouble finding those specific plants and items.These local business owners are just asking locals to be patient as they try to get through this difficult time.

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