I am the manager of an Irish McDonald’s and everyone always asks me the same question

A MCDONALD’S employee has revealed the question he is always asked – and it involves eating McDonald’s every day.

TikTok user @kevinma26 reveals what fast food life is really like and the questions it constantly gets asked.


McDonald’s employee reveals the number one question he always gets askedCredit: https://www.tiktok.com/@kevinma26
People ask Kevin if he eats McDonald's every day


People ask Kevin if he eats McDonald’s every dayCredit: https://www.tiktok.com/@kevinma26

Kevin shares the most asked questions in a viral video with over 13,000 likes, captioned: “Anyone else the same?”.

The first question is whether he really eats MaccyDs every day, including the Big Mac and chicken nuggets.

He happily admits yes.

The next question is how can you be so thin?

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The happy worker walks away to the sound of music and says it’s a secret.

One person said, “Yeah bro, I work at a McDonalds too, but I’m not gaining weight somehow either.”

Another added: “Obviously it’s the lettuce in the big macs that keeps him lean.”

While another said, “And have gorgeous skin too.”

Kevin’s TikTok is full of a day in the life of a McDonald’s manager videos.

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He admitted that some customers don’t believe he’s a manager because he looks so young.

With 614,000 likes, her followers can’t get enough of her MaccyDs insider knowledge and bubbly personality.

It comes as an ex-McDonald’s employee has revealed a secret item she orders on the menu – still to this day.

And even though it’s been a few years since his last shift, the social media star – who has 176,000 TikTok followers – is still reaping the rewards of his insider knowledge.

In a viral video that racked up over 412,000 views, Queenie shared her favorite item about the “secret menu” she always orders now.

She wrote: “You can get a soft serve in a lid with chocolate or caramel sauce.

“It’s like a mini sundae but only costs $1.30. Did you know ?!

In other words, if you’re craving a little pick-me-up but don’t want to do it all with a McFlurry, this is a great option.

Needless to say, the life hack was a hit with viewers.

The manager shares all his MaccyD knowledge on his TikTok channel


The manager shares all his MaccyD knowledge on his TikTok channelCredit: https://www.tiktok.com/@kevinma26
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