Huy Fong Foods suspends production due to chilli supply

Huy Fong Foods warns of a chili pepper shortage that could make it harder to spice up your meals.

The big picture: The California-based company, known for its sriracha sauces with a rooster on the bottle, confirmed to Axios via email that it “is experiencing a shortage that is affecting our production supply.”

  • In a letter to customers on April 19, Huy Fong Foods said it is facing a “more serious shortage of chili peppers” due to “weather conditions affecting the quality of chili peppers.”
  • The company told Axios that it gets its peppers from Mexico, which along with the western United States is experiencing drought.
  • Axios found inventory for Huy Fong sriracha on the Target and Walmart websites for in-store pickup and delivery using various zip codes across the country.
  • On Reddit, some users reported having difficulty finding sriracha in local stores or finding purchase limits.

What they say : “Unfortunately this is beyond our control and without this essential ingredient we cannot produce any of our products (Chili Garlic, Sambal Oelek and Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce),” Huy Fong Foods said in its letter.

Meanwhile, Brady’s Sushi and Hibachi in Richmond, Kentucky, took to Facebook and Instagram to notify customers of the shortage.

  • The restaurant said it may “no longer provide Sriracha as a free condiment at our establishment until further notice.”
  • Brady’s also said the sauce “plays a key role in our homemade Spicy Mayo, we will begin limiting 1 free Spicy Mayo for every 2 rolls until we secure our resources.”
  • A day after Brady’s May 23 posts, the restaurant said in a new post that customers dropped off bottles of sriracha found at a local grocery store.

Rollback: Huy Fong Foods said in its letter that it informed customers in July 2020 that it was experiencing a shortage of chili stocks.

And after: The company told Axios that it hopes to “resume production as normal” with its fall harvest.

  • The company’s letter said orders submitted on or after April 19 would be scheduled after Labor Day in the order received.

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