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Jessica Fediw documents her arts and crafts adventures, shares patterns and tutorials, and more on her blog, Happy Together by Jess.

Jessica Fediw is a DIY extraordinaire, documenting creations ranging from seasonal decorations and artwork to birthday cakes and clothing on her blog. https://happytogetherbyjess.com. She also owns a bespoke craft business, Beloved Goodsand sells artwork, jewelry, ornaments, etc.

Virginia-based Fediw tackles projects big and small, from handmade rainbow earrings to DIY built-in shelving. Each blog post has detailed step-by-step photos, a list of supplies, and instructions for recreating the project.

DIY projects have surged during the COVID-19 pandemic, with retailers such as Lowe’s and The Home Depot reporting significant sales growth. While some projects were driven by necessity, such as creating workspaces or remote learning, others evolved from individuals having free time and wanting to try something new.

In addition to giving people something to do during the pandemic lockdown, DIY projects have many benefits. For example, people participating in creative activities such as DIY projects report less stress and anxiety, better moods, and increased happiness. Plus, a large-scale DIY project like Fediw’s built-in shelves can be a great way to sneak in a little exercise.

Do-it-yourself projects also involve active learning, which increases retention of information. Learning a new skill is also a great way to sharpen the mind and focus. Additionally, undertaking a small craft or DIY project can engage and activate children and strengthen family bonds.

Finally – and perhaps most importantly – DIY projects save money and can be better for the environment. Additionally, many of these projects can be customized to fit a specific aesthetic style.

Easy projects anyone can do

Through Happy Together by Jess, Fediw shares craft and DIY projects for all skill levels. For example, Fediw’s mom loves butterflies, so she found an easy way to incorporate them into her mom’s birthday cake. She cut butterfly shapes out of a brown paper bag and hot glued them onto wire. The result was a simple yet chic cake design that her mom — and blog followers — loved.

Another popular project Fediw has shared is the snowman lanterns she made with her youngest child, niece and nephew. Although they look complicated, Fediw used a plastic snow globe as a base and added mod podge, white tissue papers, felt and pipe cleaners to complete the project. Finally, she inserted LED votive candles to make them glow. Along with posting step-by-step instructions on her blog, she suggested ways to customize the snow globes to fit any decor or theme.

Fediw also shares DIY suggestions to give as gifts. For example, she provides patterns for felt “cupids” to give to children and highlights how she transforms found objects like plain acrylic ornaments into personalized works of art.

Jess’s Happy Together projects have been featured in several books and magazines, such as Food Network Magazine, Mom Crafts, Artful Blogging and Sew Sweet Creatures.


Happy Together by Jess is a great DIY resource for those looking to tackle big and small household projects and crafts. Jessica Fediw gives her followers everything they need to complete a project, but if a task seems too difficult, she takes custom orders through her company, Beloved Wares.

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