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Google just published the long awaited Lock screen widgets for iOS 16 for its most popular apps, so users can access features of their favorite apps with just a tap or even a glance on their iPhone.

Here’s how you can use all these new Google Lock Screen widgets for iOS 16:

Customize your lock screen for work and play

The Gmail widget can automatically show you the number of new messages since the last time you opened your inbox and the categories they’re in, helping you stay on top of emails. With the new Drive widgets, you can also open a suggested or followed file with just one click.

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Navigate new territories with Maps, Search and Chrome

Add the Maps Search widget and customize it to find nearby restaurants, gas stations and more with just one click from your lock screen.

You can also add a shortcut to Google Lens from the Google app Lock screen widget to use your camera to start translating text in over 100 languages.

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Chrome lock screen widgets let you quickly find something while you’re on the go. Quickly launch Chrome, search with your voice, or open incognito mode.

Connect with new YouTube and YouTube Music widgets

With the new YouTube home screen widget, just tap it to watch short films or new videos from your favorite creators in the YouTube app.

And with the new YouTube Music Lock Screen widget, start listening to your favorite songs in the app with just one click.


To try out these Google widgets, make sure your iPhone is running the latest version of iOS and your Google apps are up to date. Next, press and hold on your lock screen or home screen to begin customizing.

See step-by-step instructions for adding lock screen widgets here.

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