Former Scituate restaurant manager accused of stealing $200,000 to cover Keno losses

A dog eats a winning lottery ticket

A dog eats a winning lottery ticket


SCITUATE — A former manager of a Scituate restaurant is facing charges of theft and tax evasion for allegedly stealing $200,000 from her employer to cover her Keno losses.

Maureen Graham, a 55-year-old woman from Plymouth, was charged on Friday, Plymouth District Attorney Timothy Cruz said.

Graham was hired to be the general manager of The Voyage in 2018, where her responsibilities included payroll and tracking cash sales, Cruz said.

“In 2019, restaurant owners installed a Keno terminal inside the restaurant,” Cruz said. “Graham’s control over restaurant funds and unlimited access to Keno tickets allowed him to spend hours inside the restaurant playing.”

It is alleged that she stole approximately $200,000 from restaurant bank accounts over the course of a year and a half.

“Investigators found that if Graham didn’t make any money, she would move funds around to cover the deficit left in various bank accounts,” Cruz said.

Graham will be arraigned in Plymouth Superior Court. Cruz said Massachusetts State Lottery Commission investigators worked with police on the case.

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