Five Cousins ​​Pollo a la Brasa stands out

Spouse Grub and I took eldest Grub Sprout to dinner with us last week. This worked out well, considering he lives in the headquarters of our intended destination, Five Cousins ​​Pollo a la Brasa on Merchant Drive. Coincidentally, I noticed on our arrival that the restaurant was operating out of space once occupied by Vincent Café’s Phó House, a place I revisited a few years ago – with The Grub Sprout, nothing less.

This time, Latin cuisine was in the spotlight. An owner invited us to take the seat of our choice, where we spent a few minutes perusing a colorful three-fold menu. As the name of the restaurant suggests, chicken (pollo) is the main specialty. In fact, his rotisserie oven rotated several birds at once. They marinate and roast their chickens over charcoal and serve them whole as well as half portions and quarters.

The La Brasa special includes three large sides, salad, and corn tortillas, while the 5 Cousins ​​special can accommodate 10 or more guests with four whole chickens, sides, and tortillas. The Sprout ordered a quarter chicken ($11) and chose brown rice and fries as sides.

The spouse and I ordered from the Carnes section of the menu, which features dishes like carne asada and marinated beef bones cooked on the grill. I ordered the costilla de cerdo en salsa verde (pork ribs in green sauce), while The Spouse got the carne ranchera – a flat steak cooked in ranchera sauce. Each item costs $11.99. I went with black beans and fries as sides; Spouse chose brown rice and black beans. All of our orders included corn tortillas and salad.

Five Cousins ​​Pollo a la Brasa on Merchant Drive specializes in rotisserie chicken and delivers the goods with authentic cuisine and competitive prices.

Another item to note is the Super Parrillada (BBQ). This feast is $34.99 and includes carne asada, prime rib, chicken, hot dog, eggs, fries, beans, rice, chili toreado, and tortillas. Beyond that, entrees like chicken soup and sides like pinto beans, steamed rice, and tortillas a la carte round out the menu.

The menu advertises the cuisine as “delicious and quick”. Our orders were delivered to our table after what seemed like an average waiting interval, but we were generally ok with the delicious part of the equation. Sprout’s quarter roast chicken was tender, juicy and flavorful, while my pork ribs were tender and benefited from the salsa verde. Spouse’s two cuts of steak were thin but packed with punch thanks to the ranchera sauce.

I also thought favorably of the sides. The black beans, brown rice and fries were decent enough, but surprisingly the salads stood out. The dressing was subtle, but the vegetable toppings and avocado slices really made this dish. The soft corn tortillas weren’t served as warm as I would have preferred, but the flavor was distinct. My main criticism of the experience is that they only had plastic silverware which made it difficult to cut meats.

As for the setting, it hadn’t changed much since my previous visit to Phó House, but I still loved this space. It’s a small, intimate L-shaped dining room that I find inviting and comfortable. And speaking of inviting, our interactions with the staff were solid. Our contact person was very friendly and helped us navigate the menu. When it was time for us to pack up our bountiful leftovers, he was on hand with containers and bags to take away.

There are plenty of Latin food options along this short stretch of Merchant Drive, but in my opinion, Five Cousins ​​stands out for its authenticity, accommodating staff, and affordable prices. Our tab totaled just over $50, and that included three entrees (each with two sides, salads, and tortillas) plus a Mexican Coke for The Sprout, tax, and tip.

They’ve only been open for a few months, so if you’re looking to try a new contender in the Latin food scene, you might find this one worth your while.

Five cousins ​​​​Pollo a la Brasa

Food: 4 out of 5

Service: 4

Atmosphere: 3.75

Globally: 4

Address: 815 Merchant Drive

Call: 865-347-2556

No alcohol service

Note from the Ministry of Health: 100

Hours: 11am-9pm Monday to Saturday

This new Latin cuisine restaurant on Merchant Drive specializes in rotisserie chicken and delivers the goods with authentic cuisine and competitive prices.

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