Eating Out restaurant review: Sunshine Harvester Works, Fremantle is the candle food court of your dreams

Food courts have come a long way from the spaces where we would dine if we behaved during Thursday night shopping.

There were usually five options – always a buffet full of Chinese food and a place to get a box of fries and gravy – and getting in and out was like playing a game of pac-man dodging carts and prams.

These days you’re spoiled for choice at your local food court, fresh and healthy or fast and greasy, and often they look more like a fancy cafe than a diner in need of a good one. scrub.

Then there are spaces like Sunshine Harvester Works in Fremantle that feel like an upgraded iteration of the food court.

Camera iconBowl of Resolution ($26). Credit: jade jurewicz

The huge, bustling warehouse is home to a diverse array of vendors, from burgers to pizza and gelato, and there are plenty of different table setups to enjoy your meal.

The night we went it was noisy and packed with families, couples and friends. It had a great atmosphere, plus you don’t have to wait long to order or for your food.

We ordered from former MasterChef contestant Brendan Pang’s Bumplings food truck, Dingo Dining and Kazz’s Jamacian Kitchen.

Dan dan noodles with spicy beef ($16.20).
Camera iconDan dan noodles with spicy beef ($16.20). Credit: Jade Jurewicz

To say that Pang lives and breathes dumplings is an understatement, as revealed in his recently published cookbook, catering, cooking school and pre-made dumplings at Woolworths.

The Sichuan Chicken Balls ($7.80) were plump, well-cooked pieces that were a delight to eat. It’s the chilli oil pool, with lots of heat and savory notes, that really uplifts them and takes them to a new level.

Spicy beef dan dan noodles ($16.20) was a steal for the bowl filled with fresh noodles, beef and canned mustard greens. It’s flavor upon flavor, with a spicy sesame sauce tossed into the noodles, spiced beef and crunchy roasted peanuts adding texture.

Sichuan Chicken Balls ($7.80).
Camera iconSichuan Chicken Balls ($7.80). Credit: provided

A resolution bowl ($26) with homemade kimchi, sickles, wakame, edamame, egg, miso aioli, sticky rice, and chili salt tofu was another punchy dish full of heat.

Because there were so many different and strong flavors – from chili to sour and creamy – they sometimes felt like they were competing rather than complementary, and we would have liked a few extra chunks of the delicious tofu.

Kazz’s Jamaican cuisine is the place to go on an empty stomach, because for $15 you can get a huge bowl of BBQ jerk chicken with rice and kidney beans cooked in coconut milk and coleslaw. . We made the mistake of going there last after a little too much fun, but we still enjoyed the juicy chicken seasoned with a tasty spicy marinade.

Jerk chicken ($15).
Camera iconJerk chicken ($15). Credit: jade jurewicz

For a dining experience that will really make you want to come back, this fun place is definitely worth a try.

Sunshine Harvester works

Address: 2/1 James Street Corner Beach and, James St, Fremantle

The verdict: Like a candle food court filled with delicious local offerings and a bar. Join us for a fun and affordable evening.

Rating: 7/10

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