Eating Out restaurant review: Sana in Fremantle ensures everyone who eats there leaves full

The El Paso girl’s words ring true when it comes to deciding what to order at a restaurant these days, but instead of “why not have both” it’s more often “why not have six?”.

It’s rare that I order just one meal because whether I’m dining with one person or a long table of friends, we’re more likely to cover the table with a variety of dishes so we can try a bit of everything.

Similar to social media that keeps our brains from focusing on one thing, our taste buds also want to switch between flavors, proteins, and textures.

Fortunately, many menus are designed specifically to be shared. And there are kitchens and restaurants that do this seamlessly.

Camera iconFortunately, many menus are designed specifically to be shared. And there are kitchens and restaurants that do this seamlessly. Credit: Jade Jurewicz

Take Sana in Fremantle for example. This welcoming Middle Eastern restaurant has created its range of tapas style sharing dishes which is great news as I wanted one of everything after reading it.

Cutting it down to five, we started with the Charred Corn with Drizzled Sumac and Tahini ($9). I don’t know if it’s just me but corn seems to be having a moment; I see his spiny skeletons all over social media.

Sana came quartered and was warm, juicy and delicious. Personally, I would have liked a bit more tank for the smoke and extra texture element.

The chicken shawarma ($19) came with soft pita tucked next to the chicken thigh sitting on a bed of coleslaw and diced tomatoes. All of the elements put together inside the perfect pita were one tasty bite, but there wasn’t the wow factor in terms of the spice or tenderness of the chicken.

Sana in Fremantle: Chicken Shawarma ($19)
Camera iconSana in Fremantle: Chicken Shawarma ($19) Credit: Jade Jurewicz

The dishes arrived at the table as they were ready and the service was friendly and efficient.

Hibar was portions of calamari – tubes and tentacles – served over yogurt and topped with thinly sliced ​​fennel, capsicum and a Baharat spice mix ($19). Similar to shawarma, the dish tasted good and the squid was well cooked, but we weren’t blown away by it.

The lamb kefta ($19) arrived with bold lamb flavors that paired perfectly with the sour yogurt sauce and thin slices of roasted pepper.

I find it hard to pass a fattoush ($12) – a salad usually made with greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and pita fried with a sour dressing and sumac – when it’s on the menu. .

Sana to Fremantle: fattoush ($12)
Camera iconSana to Fremantle: fattoush ($12) Credit: Jade Jurewicz

Sana also had the welcome addition of pomegranate seeds and was fresh and delicious, but I would have loved the slice of fried pita served alongside mashed all the way through the salad, as the crunch is my favorite part.

Although the dishes haven’t quite reached the heights of other Middle Eastern restaurants in Perth, the joy of a great sharing menu is being able to go back and try new things and the delicious range of colorful dips is next on the list.

Sana: 93 Market Street, Fremantle

OPEN: Tue – Friday, 5pm-9pm, Sat and Sun, 11am-9.30pm


Contact: 6186 6394

THE VERDICT: Grand sharing style menu with dishes that are sure to leave you happy and full. While we would have liked bigger and bolder flavors, the food was well cooked and flavorful and the service was spot on.


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